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2022-06-29 - 7:24 p.m.

YEAH I did it! I figured out how to actually get any contact leads of anyone who inputs their information on my kicking nice web site looking for the services I offer.

I have skills...
not extensive but I can read about plug ins and figure out how to click "INSTALL" To add them to my web site.

Not that hard.
Matter of reading and following instructions.
Nonetheless I am proud I figured it out.

The problem is the hosting service provider I paid for my site to be hosted assigned some random contact email that is not really an email .

It is however used for my ID

so when using a web design site plug in that address showed up as my contact info. ( since it is associated with the hosting provider ID it created for me. I think it was necessary for something to be added to the site.. I forget what... SSL?? Something...
and for some reason it makes sense for the hosting provider to create a random email for the configuration of adding whatever that thing is to go smoothly and not to have to WAIT on USERS to get some email and approve or some such thing...
I undestood this when started this site way back when, NOW I FORGET

But for whatever security thing it is ( I think it is some security config thing) that email cant be CHANGED and I think that it also has to remain associated with the application ( plug in) being used for web design.

The hosting provider offers all sorts of options for "plug ins" So I found an ADDRESS book one which was easy to add which will save EVERY input contact from the forms that my web designer added to my site.

The web designer did an AWESOME job! She is a pro. Six pages of content and on each one ability for ACTION ITEM of sending your contact info to receive more information.

WHEW that is a relief. That was the most important thing for me to fix on my web page. GOT IT DONE!
Now for a test run. I am going to send myself a message and hope it works! ( I just realized I had not tested it yet and should have done that first!!)

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