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2022-06-29 - 11:07 p.m.

WFT again?

My mortgage company AGAIN tried to take out that darm payment! They said they would try TWICE.

That is obviously not accurate as they tried again today. I was just running the numbers to see if my next paycheck covers this new mortgage payment due this coming 1rst of new month.

AND lo and behold see they pulled it AGAIN! OF course BEFORE my paycheck is posted. And my pay goes to two different accounts so I need to transfer what is left in the one to the other that the mortgage payment gets paid from.

What a PIA and ANOTHER 32.50 wasted.

So aggrevating.

I will have enough to pay my mortgage on the 1rst at least. The payment will go through if they wait TWO DAYS

I will have $50 left after the morgage payment- unless they try again TOMORROW and pull another $32.50
then it will be $17.50 until the next pay day in two weeks.

Which will I suppose be gas money.
I am not planning on driving anywhere except when absolutely necessary.
I will have a paycheck soon enough from my retirement community part time gig. I just stopped that going all into a 401K. I need the cash flow now obviously .Those checks are small but even a couple hundred will be helpful. I will catch up after those come in and I get my next paycheck in two more weeks!
Just can do nothing extra whatsoever! So will enjoy some quiet time at home.

One of the things I absolutely LOVED about the Netflix show MAID which I watched recently was the accounting of her money coming in and out throughout the show. It was so very REAL.
Like the scene where she had to reimburse $6 for ice cream to pay back the daycare.

I am actually very grateful to the local church that runs a food pantry and am not too proud to use it! They were so helpful and gracious. I called them today and they will bring provisions for us Sat morning. That is a lifeline right now-

I almost wrote back on track in August ( thinking would not need their help then as I would have caught up paying off the extra expense that I had this past month) BUT OH YEAH My job will be ending... as no idea if they will even need me in AUG. SO... I hope my tax return actually gets processed and I get that expected refund check deposited into my account soon as we really need it now.

My tax return is held up because my kids' DAD filed the yougest who lives with me on HIS Tax return.

I feel like that is just an evil thing to do. WHO DOES THAT without concern for his actual Kid?
When it comes I actually should be able to then get the air conditioning fixed as honestly I was given such a reasonable fair price from one shop
after doing tons of research and getting so many quotes. I am confident I will get work and then be able to cover all my bills and use that refund money to fix the broken AC!

Although if I can't its not a crisis. We do fine here without AC even if it is not as comfortable as with it. I shut up the house every morning, and at night open all the windows and it cools down to low 70s. Then it gets up to about 84 at the hottest inside. That is really not too bad.
We have gotten used to it.
Today I found the job application for the retirement community I work at on the bulliten board in my kitchen. I have been telling my one kid for weeks now she needs to create a resume and email to me and I can refer her. She is procrastinating obviously. Today I put that application on her bed. She said "Thank you, I will fill it out tomorrow"
The thing is they had a job fair last weekend! I told her Sunday night when I got home she best apply IMMEDIATELY as the jobs will be FILLED by the end of this week.

I am not kidding. I BET she won't land a job if she doesn't get that application in soon, and in fact it might ALREADY be too late-

I know there are labor shortages EVERYWHERE so they say but they did just hire three new people to work in the kitchen ( which is where she wants to work as a server).
The college student was told by me today to look up the tutoring company his older sibling worked for . The oldest worked for this on line tutoring company for the past three years and I can't count how many times either she or I mentioned it to the basement dweller of mine that he should apply for a job there. He FINALLY Listened today and just minutes after I told him of the company he found it and completed the on line inquiry and then had an interview. I have not heard any more about this but that is good news. Considering my kid works as a tutor on campus AND is pretty adept at a few Asian languages I am pretty sure he can get hired! I basically said he HAS to find work if he wants to be able to pay his tuition ! I mean last year I did help out but this year I do not have the cold hard cash!! He best work and earn anything he can as if not he is going to have to take out more loans to bridge the gap from scholarships. I think his tuition paid out of pocket is $11 K a year which is not bad. My oldest said she paid $13 K but he has a better scholarship than her ( he is super bright).

The oldest landed a teaching job and found an apartment in the city that her school was in ( which I was the surity on! Good thing that application was completed two weeks before I had the late payment on my loan and then went in the red on my checking account! I just got a notice that the bank notified the credit beureaus as my acct is in the red. DAMN there goes my credit score.They wasted no time in reporting that. ( My car insuance auto draft went through! It was paid but that account has a negative balance!)
CE la vie...
It will be strightened out soon enough.

I got an HOA letter with a ridiculous list of the repairs they want me to make on my house. It is the paint the front porch I think is BS as I JUST painted it last year and it looks fine!

Whatever.. I am doing NOTHING on that list just yet. I will go to the HOA meeting and just tell them same- and request an extension from their 30d demand to fix a bunch of things that will take time and money.

NO just NO
Not now.
Eventually yes...
but they can wait.
I really have been wanting to paint my back porch. Scub and clean and put Thompson's Water Sealant is what my brother recommended I do with it.

I suggested my bro come for a visit and do it for me and I will pay him for the work ( eventually!)

Heck in the past , over the years of our friendship if Art was in between jobs or out of work I had hired him a number of times ( and always paid him fairly!) To do odd jobs some actually really big jobs, to fix things on my house. He rebuild my front door after I had hired another dude that did a crappy job,
Art is a fine craftsman. Hell he is after all an actual carpenter and wood carver. I mean he makes beautiful wood carvings. I had not realized I guess that he uses a chainsaw to do that until I saw him at work at one recently.

But obviously I am not going to be able to hire him to help me out now! I honestly had just hoped for him he got a good paying job and didn't need the pick up work but I didn't see him do the work to really look for the kind of job he would talk about. He talks more than he acts I discovered! Has a hard time following through and doing what he needs to succeed. I mean he could have taken professional education classes which he talked about but has not acted on,. He could have called his cousin who had some good insights; he could have reached out and sent his resume to the contact who is in the exact job he wants to allow her to act as a mentor but he is too damn proud. HOW do you get where you want to be? YOU Find someone already THERE and ask them how they got there. You ask "What do I need to do to prepare?"
You are open to LEARNING and GROWING
His mysogony was apparent when he was like "I am not contacting her- nah"
and it was clear to me it was because he is a woman; and a younger woman at that. But she is smart and capable and successful doing the same job he was talking about wanting to get.

I lost such respect and confidence in him when he reacted the way he did at the suggestion.

I mean it was so disappointing.

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