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2022-06-30 - 8:07 p.m.

Never underestimate your instinct.

I do have to work on business development for my own company obviously.

But typically when at work at the retirement community it is not the place where I would be focusing on my interests and needs.
HOWEVER it is so funny one of the residents has been telling me for months now about his son in law starting his company. He is a service provider of particular government services, and the resident is insistent I should help him out.

Its actually truly a good idea as he likely DOES need some help that I can offer.

So I took his card and will reach out. (I didn't do it yet)

THEN tonight one of the friendliest of any visiting family came to take his parents out to dinner with his son.
This family is just AWESOME.

The parents always are dressed just impeccably and are so classy. They are just the kindest and gentlest of souls as well.
Just such positive spirits!

And the son is one of those people who truly engages in meaningful conversation within just minutes with EVERYONE he encounters. Residents, staff, the aides, the housekeeper, me at the front reception desk. And over months it is clear he pays such detailed attention, remembers everyone's names and the details that they have shared, or he observed. He asked me last time here how my guitar playing was going as he saw me practicing at the desk on occasion and that was a topic of conversation on occasions.

Just one of the genuinely nice people persons of the world and I swear they are seemingly rare. Those who actually seem to thrive on engaging with other and it seems genuine and actually caring.

SO My gut told me "I have to give him the one business card in my wallet ( it is a protoype really) for my new business and give the 2-minute elevator pitch. He had already exited with his son and they were signing out at the foyer ( rather than the front desk where sometimes they have signed)- and I followed my gut and went to the foyer and said

" Hi, you happen to be one of the friendliest people I have met that is so good at engaging with others that I feel like I might be able to ask you for a bit of help., I have a new business, and I don't even know what you do- but if you know anyone that might need some help with their business contracts, perhaps any small companies, or large actually as I have supported either, please take a look and keep me in mind."

That was my pitch.

He said " Let me come talk to you for a few minutes and we stepped out of the foyer"

and then he said

" You are not going to believe when I will tell you what I do. my business is_________" If you know what a KO is you know. /p>

He works in procurement; essentially managing and negotiating contracts EXACTLY As I do HOWEVER for one of the LARGEST PURCHASERS in a very large space; that purchases the kind of services I am used to managing contracts of.

I mean I could NOT have IMAGINED meeting any one person MORE connected to the industry I have been supporting.

We had a great 15- or 20-minute conversation about my business aspirations, and the industry space he and I both have worked in
and some of the needs of small businesses.

He could not ETHICALLY in his role ever do anything not kosher. BUT HE CAN Tell me about some opportunities where I can connect for networking. (There has to be non biased, not personal, review of proposals in his work- no influence from him in who is given a contract as that would be completely unethical.) The thing is he knows the networks I should tap in to LEARN more about the process.

He told me to connect with him on Linked In.

Lo and behold the professional org I am an active part of (which has many local chapters) has him as a featured speaker in the next month at a nearby local chapter as a professional development informational/training session for folks that do the work I do! HA HA

I mean I could not have been more spot on that I was supposed to talk to him.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

And knowing to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way to do good work of service. I mean had I not been here in this space of a retirement community as a receptionist this encounter would not have happened.
AND it feels truly significant.

The Artist Way would call it serendipity.
My son posted something on Instagram along the lines of this today (my paraphrase) :

SO - Do not despair and think whatever it is you are doing now is not fulfilling your purpose. IT ALL is your purpose! You are where you need to be as you will learn what you need, grow in ways you need, or meet folks when you least expect it that all help you achieve your purpose. YES, in the space you are in! EVEN if it not where you envisioned or wanted to be. Embrace and be fully present and open to what this has to offer you.

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