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2022-07-02 - 7:55 a.m.

I spoke to my son and told him the story of the helpful gentleman I met while working at the reception desk and prefaced it by
"When I am at work there the last thing I would normally do is be pitching my business."

And he said
"Oh No! That is EXACTLY What you should be doing! Do that in EVERY Space you are in!"

It totally made me shift perspective as it is not a competing business to the one working in there. In fact no matter WHAT I do as long as I live here I will keep that job as receptionist because I ENJOY it.

First and foremost, one should always do what one loves.

Thus last round of unemployed I applied for all jobs in my field but ONE outlier only which was development work for a non profit I LOVE. Hey just reminded me I need to leave NOW for ZUMBA! The owner of that is also the Zumba teacher. HECK another example of a person who manages their own mental health by exercise and lifestyle but is a bonafie workaholic and I KNOW struggles and publicly talks of handling mental illness in himself YET EVERYONE Respects and does not ever doubt his capabilty!

But he works in Music Therapy.

Why the fuck can't we get to the point to realize that those who work in the ARTS in any respect ARE FUCKING HARD WORKING PROFESSIONALS

and those who work in WHITE COLLAR JOBS are not working harder?

I mean in this area I swear it so messed up.
I mean why is it OK and acceptable to see the public personas of those in the arts Actors, Writers, with mental illness and respect them
(Damn no one is more discilined than a professional writer! I swear that takes MORE discipline than ANYTHING ELSE To achieve!!)

BUT in the other * business world ( Cause yes corporate America the ARTS ARE BUSINESS/ and govt support world) there is this belief that if anyone acknowleges any mental illness they are UNFIT to work.

Enough rant
That is just BS and it gets me riled up.

Cause for me this was a bought of maybe a week or two not feeling well as was triggered but my system is starting to feel better.

My son is so ambitious.

Then I was talking to him and listening about his work and adventures. It was so beautiful and encouraging to hear him speak of how he went to the actual space where his ancestors first lived here in GA.

He is on production for a project and was telling me of learning his family history. I don't want to tell his story ever ( not mine to tell) BUT The thing to capture here is is mentioned I think that his family on Dad's side came from the Ghee people culturally?

I would have to look it up again... but there were two groups of African people brought here.
I looked up his sirname and GA and found a book on Amazon at one point, out of print that traced his family name lineage. It came from Scotland ( he said that makes sense as his DNA showed that!); and they were some of the first settlers in SC and then one moved south to GA. The landowners of the plantation on which then his ancestors lived-
as at some point a dude (great great great great gramps.... ha ha or some such)
was a parmour with I am SURE an absoltely beautiful lady who was technically think about this... how the rape culture ever started.... his property

Sally Hemmings style perhaps

Some love and care for the things they own with such stewardship.

Love is a complicated thing

But the thing which I found cool is I said the only time I heard anything, as I KNOW NOTHING about the history and lifestyles of the Black Southern US cultures
was when I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild.

I said it was absolutely one of the most beautiful movies I have ever seen. I said that is up there as one of my favorites.

He said he never saw it. But his producer he is working with was the producer of it.

And he meant the producer of HIS MOVIE. The one he wrote and is working on. The production work he is doing in GA is a TV project for Apple TV. He is thrilled he picked up that job. It will be the 3rd TV show he is in. But he also has a bit of an angel investor ( so they would call it in the business world!); in the arts world a producer or two who have invested in his work of the film he is working on.

I AM SO happy one is THAT person. The other is likely more famous so not my business to spill beans of, but a mentor to him he is grateful to work with.

POINT being I am so proud of my son and the work he does with such passion and joy of telling the stories that he feels need to be told that have been overlooked.

He wants to help the world heal.
I mean that in a literal way. He wants us to have unity and understanding of each other and find that common shared thread so we can see each other with compassion in our humanity.

And now off to ZUMBA. I am not going to be on time but that's cause once again I didn't set an alarm and prioritized sleep; and I know the dog will now want a walk..
and I woke up and JUST THOUGHT of it as I thought ot it as writing knowing it is what I NEED TO DO.

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