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2022-07-07 - 10:06 a.m.

Thank the Lord $140 paycheck deposit from my part time job showed up today in my bank! I shifted the income going 100% to a 401K from that part time job as obviously need cash flow.
Truth be told I don't even know my rate of pay of how much I make there. I just know its about $5 K per year that has been going into a 401 K. A tiny amount to add to a retirement fund; but hey it was better to supplement with this than nothing!

But it is also nice in a pinch to have the few hundred extra dollars cash to divert back into my checkbook to pay bills.

That will cover a couple bills due- a credit card not paid yet and the supplemental home insurance policy which I thought was a waste of money however it is giving me $1000 discount on the quote for a new Heat Pump/ AC.

I realized no wonder the gal at work needed me to come in the last week of June for her AC repair. A few neighbors were also getting theirs fixed that same week. The flurry of activity of heating cooling companies here in VA trying to GET IT DONE
BEFORE the new law which increases environmental protections went into place July 1.

I intentionally was having systems priced at the highter cost of replacing with a better system than the builder grade. The Homeinsurance company came out to do a tune up; the company that came did not tune it up as said it needed replacement as the heat pump was shot. He told me call AFS and tell them that it is broken and needs assessment for replacement and that he would do it- he said tell them you want us to do it and I will come back and they can decide if they are going to repair or replace but honestly it needs replacement.
SO I did that
and AFS would NOT send out the same vendor.

So they send out another who said Well they are not going to cover replacement as we CAN order a heat pump and repair it.
BUT they said the policy does not cover freon and they were intending on repairing an old crappy freon system that is an environemtal nightmare frankly.

The kind that are being phased out, and here in VA will not even be able to be manufactured or sold or installed anymore.

Cause finally policy is catching up with the reality if we don't pay attention this actual global warming there will be things happening such as part of Fl actually being covered with water ( look up the projections from National Geological what is it Agency/Association... Some such) , which the scientist warned of in the 70s but for profits sake corporations IGNORED for decades,
is finally being heeded.

Some think Greta is crazy.

She is not. She is simply a smart Autistic kid and I can vouch from experience autistic persons just don't know how to lie.
They do their research and they are the blunt truth tellers. OH OF COURSE their conclusions can be wrong! They are human

Honestly in my experience you can say such persons are ASSHOLES ( often true in sense do not consider others' feelings in their communicaiton- they don't process them)
BUt it is oft that even if an asshole can't say they are WRONG about whatever they are insistant about.

That is in fact what is so infuriating about such persons. We WANT them to be wrong because they are often coming across as insensitive assholes.

But if Greta taught us anything there is an actual concern and sensitivity behind such persons who get passionate. And they often are worth listening to even if you don't LIKE THEM as a person as you don't understand them.

So in Virginia someone listened.

So I found it funny in a way all the companies who got lucky for their bottom line at not getting a loss on inventory. And I wonder if any systems that WERE NOT broken were replaced just to get those which will be obselete ( AH ARE TODAY obselete) were installed last week.

Good on the companys ! HA HA SUre it is not as good for the enviroment Good on them if they did not LIE and only replaced those needed with what they already had in stock.

I was literally going to pay MORE to say NO to the replacement BEFORE I knew of the new law. That was because the quote WITH the AFS supplemental home insurance policy came in at around $1800. They were full of shit that they will repair it for the flat fee of a couple hundred (or whatever my contract said). I think they said it had a cost of $1000 for the replacement but then another 800 for freon not covered.

So I was going to bite the bullet so to speak and just spend $6500 with the intial company that came out for the tune up. They were giving me a $1000 discount as they took my first service call so could participate in the discount program with AFS. AND they came in at the best quote open parket for SEER rating...and I forget the other metric
Two numbers that measure efficiency.

BUT The good news is I think now that the LAW changed I CAN call back AFS
and -
get this
I think THEY NO LONGER can repair the crappy freon system. So they no longer can send someone to swap out my heat pump and add freon for $1800.

What is funny is I told they guy if I had him do the repair I wanted only the heat pump replacement and would skip the freon. He was like "What?"

I said- I have a local guy.. my local black market freon supplier! HA HA but true....
My local repair guy would get me recycled freon. When he took out an older system using it he would re-sell SUPER CHEAP The recycled freon! I kinda love that as what the hell else are they going to to with that hazard if it is no used? IT HAS TO GO SOMEWHERE and it already exists.

SO hey that is also better for the enviroment than it being dumped somewhere.
So I hope the black market freon is still available for all those homeowners with old crappy systems and they can find and use it!
Seems better than it all being dumped or buried somewhere. Although maybe it evaporates? IDK

No new AC obviously.
Not this year.
When that tax return comes....and prayers it is soon...
It will be my nest egg to carry us until I land another job and/or clients.

My boss at the retirement community asked me if I wanted her to see if there was a role I could take for time being. I initially said no- but that was back when I was not yet FIRED but had just had less work than had been getting and income dropped. But it occurred to me that might not be a bad idea as a gap fill. I will talk to her about possibilities as if it is the Activities Director Role hell I have expereince ! Sure 30 years ago, but I did work as Summer Activities coordinator at my college among the many jobs I had, and the Group Home Manager role is also related. That would just be FUN to do for a bit and then could pay my mortgage. I think they also may give me flexibility to run my kids to appointments. So will chat with her.

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