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2022-07-09 - 7:34 p.m.

I just went to a company site and completed a job application.

THEN I went BACK to the upload resume section to also additionally upload a cover letter I had written.

This seemed important to me as they are a company I have worked with on three separate occassion-
SO I KNOW folks there

as they were a supplier

OR a buyer...
when I was on the other side of a negotiaton.

I respect them and they KNOW how I work.

BEST way to get a job!

BUT after all the work on the application, it was one of those systems that did not allow an ADDITIONAL document.

Sometimes I can go in and after upload resume just add the additional file of cover letter EVEN if there is no space to upload a cover letter.

In this case the resume info would be pulled and auto populate the system application info.

SO after thoughtfully spending at least 30 to 40 minutes on this application ( maybe more)

but then by that simple act of trying to upload a cover letter too

The newly uploaded doc
ERASED all the info in every subsesquent field

and I LOST it all.

My personality is to immediate do the REDO.

BUT I have plans to meet at 8pm. My friend already texted he is running late by 15 min coming in from DC and meeting me halfway.

Its a 35 min drive so I have to LEAVE NOW to be right on time.


I didn't change yet.

Well.. tomorrow is another day.
Will do this again in the AM for this one.

Once I get on job hunting roll I kinda obsess and get really diligent.
Time to relax and go out to hear music for a bit.

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