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2022-07-17 - 9:41 p.m.

So my kid, the 19 yr old Dad dropped off his health insurance;

because he is arrogant and self centered and thought more important to make his point of -- I don't know?, being true to his narcissistic view that you can't love and support anyone who has views different from his own, or is not a reflection of his self mirorring only that which he is proud of?; so doesn't know how to love and support his kid who is NOT just like him?...

SO that kid- with the crappy marketplace policy I bought; pulled up their allergy test results to read them.

Now as an adult over age 18 when the allergy testing was done in the past year-
or over a year now?? IDK when...
I never got the results as my kid WANTED To and aspired to manage their own health ( with my help only when asked for it). My kid never discussed the results of the allergy testing but I think I just assumed that was cause no issue- and I assumed that the 19 yr old had gotten the results.But apparently the Dr. Was going to go over the lab results of the allergy testing after also looking as the lab results of the skin biopsy before coming up with a revised treatment plan.

So this kid finally did a follow up with the allergist just last week.
It took so long for results review, as it was multi months long ordeal to find a dermatologist who took our insurance and then wait for the opening for the biopsy to even be done!

SO can't believe it is something like a year after the allergy testing to hear the results my kid just read on line-

to find they have 36 food allergies.


WE both laughed not because it is FUNNY but because how do you go through life allergic to ALL THE FOODS you regularly eat and not have known it??

I Mean it is ridiculous
and the laughter was not funny ha ha but laughing at just how ludicrous it is to suddely find out there is very little you can eat without your body having an allergic reaction to it. Nervous laughter for sure! The I can't fucking believe this laughter....

Now they rate the allergic responses- 1 to 4 based on how severe the skin reacted. This kid had hives when the food testing was done.
Their back was totally covered wtih hives.
Among the 36 foods allergic to; I think my kid said about 20 were at a 3 or 4 for serious reaction and the rest at 2.

the most disappointing was to find out they are allergic to coffee, vanilla and cinnimon.

I mean that just sucks.

Wheat, potatos. sweet potato, corn, nuts (not sure if there are any that can be eaten), milk all on the do not eat list.

Damn. We are going to have to figure out actual recipies and foods this kid can eat.

The other kid that had the crazy allergy test had major allergic reactions to environemental allergans!!

Life with MCAS

Apparently this is not uncommon among MCAS patients.

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