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2022-07-19 - 5:12 p.m.

Yeah Thanks to MICHELLE at VEC who was very helpful in having my claim filed. I am in their system and she could see that my username does exist in the system.
When I logged in I got a RECAPTA msg but the actual recapta for security never loaded properly.
That is the current software design glitch! That item is not properly configured in their code.
She said other consumers of unemployment had called her with that being the issue why they too could not complete the claim on line.
So until they fix it folks will have to call their number which THANKFULLY, unlike in the early days of COVID does result in someone answering and being helpful.

So that's done.

Reason for unemployment

Lack of WORK/OTHER was the designation she choose.

Because it is indeed me being FIRED as an employee- and they do have SOME work for me-
so it is a work reduction
as I don't think they intend to call be BACK as an employee if the work picks up.

So it is really a firing as they are eliminating the role
UNLESS of course it is just an implusive firing on the part of the boss...

without reason...

But I think it honestly just a work reduction without intent of having the need for my role.

so not like I was laid off..
not when they transitioned me to be a 1099 cause they may need SOME help but not enough to justify an actual employee. ( But the question is does it make sense to have me become at 1099?)

So at least I filed for unemployment.

The Deputy will call the company and schedule and investigative hearing.

Will see how this goes.
BUT I HAVE to file as I can not pay my bills without that help!

AND I will of course HAVE to answer any question about ALL WORK

which I did. Of COURSE I also inquired if she could see what happened last go round when I got one check then reported the Retirement income for its piddly six hrs but was then bumped from eligibility.

She said once I get my new pin and take care of THIS filing she would be happy to look into THAT history for me. ( will see! First things first. They can not discuss a person's "records" or "files" without first making an account active then sending a new system generated pin for security and authentication over the phone in event you can not get into the electronic system youself and authenicate self.

I also had to let her know I got the message "phone number already associated with an active account please call to confirm not fraud"
or some such message.
Likely just MY OLD account from when let go almost two years ago.

So got that done today at least.

I also felt like it was an act of faith to pay my credit card and the supplemental home insurance policies. Those should come AFTER the next month mortgage payment BUT
I don't want to incur additional late fees AND
There is the $1000 discount on the quote for the AC WHICH I I land a client or a job and get my tax return finally reviewed and get the refund-
well in just a brief period my economic fate could change with a big shift. I mean it is BOUND to shift into an upswing soon! Question is HOW soon?
I have faith something will manifest before the next mortage deadline. I have til the 17th technically next month to come up with it.

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