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2022-07-20 - 9:15 a.m.

15 minutes meditation/prayer and journaling prior to starting my work day at 9:30 today.
That will be early enough.
I just enjoyed a bath after having a productive morning of cleaning bathrooms and taking out the trash, then taking Bellatrix on a nice run, returning to do the dishes and move laundry along.
Oh- reminded me to go move laundry again.

I was going to throw bread in the bread machine but have to soak the blade at bottom as it was not washed immediately so bread stuck on it. So I will do that later.

When money tight I get alot of use out of that bread machine. There is always soup and bread- even if provisions low.
Its sufficient.
We also have tangerines and apples and canned chicken. (Like lots of that and of all things garbanzo beans, which interestingly there is apparently a shortage of right now.)

Maybe I will make hummus later.

The other plan for today is that after knocking off the volunteer work ( yes I procrastinated. I just don't like when people DON'T PAY ATTENTION and DON't plan ahead and because they are not on top of it expect me to jump immediately. As a volunteer I don't mind at all doing the work-
BUT I am holding fast to my rule to get PAID obligations to others done first
then the volunteer work.
I used to make myself crazy staying up moonlighting til crazy hours AFTER the other work was done to help out with a volunteer gig. I am too tired (old! ha) to be doing that. It honestly was not very apprechiated so why bother? (True if apprechiation shown or any interest then I am more inclined to have enthusiasm and energy.)

I was actually really excited to move forward on a project for one place but no one responded to my inquiry if they wanted me to-
so I let it be.

( I wanted to lock in a domain for them! while I COULD for all of $12!! The thing is as it was available a couple of weeks ago I could have gotton it and then if they wanted locked it in for the next dozen years! ITS SO SMART TO DO That - even if not ready to build your web site. I however ALSO wanted to get a very basic Wordpress site for them. But no one bothered to answer the email! And they had no board meetings over summer.... I swear this one group feels like those kids in HS who joined clubs to pad the resume but did nothing; and then became adults who are in the "club" for the professional social networking and they hob nob, and socialize but when it comes to actually wanting to do any work adding value they really do the bare minimum. It feels like a disappointing sham...
Ce la vie.

I wanted to do that work.I was kinda excited to dig in knowing I have time.

So they gave me another task and I will jump on that today. I just had to be sure MY shit was all in order first!
(Which thankfully it is. Job hunting/ client seeking #1 priority now after quick review for the one client. They sent me one thing to do which makes no sense as really someone else should do it and I asked the questions to guide them in getting it done. But that is OK- they pushed it back to me anyway. .. OK then...
I can do the small edit.
nominal time... but it is some work which is better than nothing and I apprechiate that.

My house is in order.
Now can focus outward.

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