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2022-07-21 - 8:54 a.m.

Oh snap
Good news/bad news
$162 deposited in my bank account from working the retirement community reception job.

That means the change of the amt going to the 401 K I had put in already DID get processed!
( thought there was a blackout period as they are in the middle of transitioning from one 401K provider to another! I saw a message changes were on hold from end of June until assets all moved early AUG. BUT That meant ability to borrow against the amt only I guess; or make changes to investments. Apparently that did not mean could not change the allocation percentage of earnings going into the 401K!)

So good news as a bit of cash in hand to pay the mortgage...
not sure if I will have enough with the last paycheck from the job just ended.
BUT that will help surely.

BAD news is that when filing unemployment I DO have to declare that income now ( As it is NET not gross! Net income is what is reported)

That is only bad news if it CONFUSES the VA unemployment folks for some reason. ( I am still not clear what happened last go round!) it may impact on whether I am seen as EMPLOYED and eligible for unemployment or not.

Hope that small amt does not make it seem ineligiable!
That was my worry. As last time when I entered that earned income ( That I moved to be in a live check and no longer dumped into the 401K) my unemployment payment stopped and I got a message NOT ELIGIBLE.

Will see... now I have to record it with earned NET income. Hope the worker who reviews the file this time around GETS IT... that I am still unemployed despite the few hrs a week at the low wage job. I had already kicked it back to the 401 K as wanted to at least get umemployment AWARDED and THEN add that income back into the equation! Well just as well. It occurred to me that maybe they have a need for other help than receptionist so badly that I could pick up some regular evening hrs working in their kitchen as a server! Heck I thought my kid wanted that job! But I could talk to them and likely do that and get enough for my mortgage payment. Not a bad idea. Will give it just a week or two and then see if no bites yet for a well paid role in my field. I have to pound the pavement. I paid all bills... Next is the AUG mortgage... until mid August that is when the other bills then due again. So the quesiton I have is Do I spend money to get business cards and possibly a marketing foldermade? I Only have the electronic file for that- not the cards yet! Then literally pound the pavement and walk around and introduce myself to every business that has an office in this town and then hit up the few towns near? That may be the best way to do my own business development. But I have to use cash on hand to do that! ( I literally have ZERO credit available.) I think I HAVE TO. Maybe I will call my guy friend in Buffalo and just ask him if he can help me out. The guy who does promotions work. He might be able to hook me up. I am not sure what to do. If I get them done myself here I spend more but have them in hand faster. But if he does them for me perhaps I can get a bill and pay it later. That might be best of all. Writing helps me consider options. The thing is he is not always the quickest at getting things done... he has a lot of clients to take care of. He moves as fast as he can... but it will be LONGER before they are in hand. I think I have to trust if I go order some cards and get them done ASAP that I will get the income sooner. Keep the faith.. it was an act of sheer faith when I sent out the credit card payment due this month! Its all caught up. ( I did not pay it last month! I needed the cash on hand for the mortgage! It is maxxed anyway... but I don't want late fees etc... and am trying to get beyond relying on credit! Obviously working only part time the past year I did rely on it !! Or would have a better credit line available!! ) I only have two credit cards and both are relatively small lines of credit. One 5000 and one 3000 so that is not HUGE debt. But more than I hoped to have out there at all! Its things like groceries and gas that have been on it... and travel. Oh yeah.. when I did travel to see my son I ended up using it a bit too; and when I went to see the college kids. Then a few of the recurring monthly bills- the life insurance and supplemental home insurance, and AAA etc. I am thinking cancel those at this point. I just have to do that and cut monthly expenses for any EXTRAS that are not absolutely essential! Those are things I can cut. In the past in between jobs I took my car off the road and just biked everywhere. Cutting the car insuance payment helps too. BUT this time around there are so many medical appointments and specialists I have to take the kids to- and I can't cut their HEALTCARE. That has to be the LAST thing cut. SO I have to also keep the car on the road. ( Or do I ? I mean I COULD teach the kid how to hop on the bus to go to the allergist for the shot. Hmmm... Today we have errands to run. If I didn't have to stop at my office to return their computer perhaps I would drag my kid on the bus and TEACH HER how to get around by taking the BUS to her allergy shot appointment. That might be a good idea to develop independence in her.) I am going to think about that. Maybe next week I will try that. See if I can get her to hop on the bus WITH me. That would be a great life skill for her to know she can get around without being driven. She might need the hand holding through that growth too. Heck I was so different! At 16 I WANTED to master the bus system. I felt proud and grown up when I figured out how to take the bus to go to the mall and go shopping! I had a job and earned my own money and saved it for college. Every darn check went in the bank but for Fridays when I spent all of $1,00 on a bagel OR a slice of pizza! I was SO happy with the one small special indulgance! BUT HEY if you know HOW GOOD NY BAGELS And NY PIZZA Is you might get that! It was wonderful! THEN I took the bus to go shopping and still remember the pink mini skirt I was so proud to buy! I think I paid all of $20 for the bus fare to Roosevelt Field and the skirt itself and a snack! *The skirt if I recall was only $6 on Clearance. HA HA I was happy with the simple things. But I was also really happy working. Ok- back to the day's grind. I am at least still happy working. Something will manifest. It always does and it always works out. I need the business cards pronto. As much as I love my friend in Buffalo and know he would do anything I ask I think that it is a lift for him and I think I don't have time to waste to even humble myseft and get his help. UNLESS the local print shop it too high... IDK I will price it AND call him later to figure out what works best. My own wonky cards designed might do for now too. I did print a few on card stock. Off to Doctor appt! YES That is likely the best idea. I mean I think he works with printers all

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