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2022-07-22 - 7:55 a.m.

Friends and the WHY?

Ran into Fauci last night Was nice to chat as he pulled his car over and I was walking back home from the pool
He said "come see what I have done with the house! The chandlers are out and new fixtures in finally"
we chatted a bit.. he is doing well...
then" Come by for a wine or a beer"

Hmm... he seems to miss the part I am not a big drinker.
And clear that is his relaxation at night after his day of work.
Fine but....

Nah... Nice to connect and will catch up sometime; but not after 8pm at night over a glass of wine in YOUR Home Dr. Faucci. Hell I know you are doing well... but man make good choices and know YOUR Limits if you plan on keeping up this faithful monogomous streak you have going with your girl and keep your own mind at peace.

This morning text with winery friend. "Where are you working today?"
ensuing texts....trying to convince me to come get an AC to install ( window unit the HOA would have my head if I put that upstairs.)
Told him the priority is the deck mold mitigation, cleaning , refinishing and have to prioritize that.

" I have a power washer. Might even have a 5 gallon jug of cleanant, and deck paint left if didn't toss it yet"

On my way over.

NOW THAT, from my friend... is an offer I CANNOT refuse.

See why I value this friend? He may be the one who is the Trump voting ( ok hope not anymore.... but IDK) at times well.... gets into it about immigration views... etc..

BUT at the same time we help each other out. And he motivates me to get shit done. If I need motivation I can go see his constant movement and energy and BE Energized.

If I need rest I CAN go and have the seldom glass of wine with a book or a journal ALONE and he LEAVES ME ALONE

but listens then texts asking about the thing that matters in the moment.

He is a TRUE Friend.

OK thankful for friends. Get me up and about. Got to do the labor outside in AM before the heat of day.
I will crank out the small work request later. It was sent to TWO OF US--
that is why I can do what MOST do

when more than one name on an email and not Clear WHO IS BEING ASKED For the deliverable

I never draft an email like that.

I fired back "Deadline? When need this by?"

No answer for two days. I looked it up OUR deliverable this is for not due til next FRiday

No one else in this space seems to ever have a sense of urgency. Incongruent with my TYPE A work persona
which is WHY I TOOK THIS JOB in the first place ! HA HA
wanted to get AWAY From the mentality "I need it yesterday" and everything being a crisis.

SO I will get started on the deck. At least Power wash and strip it and kill the damn mold. THEN When hot can go to the library for the work for

THEN Run errands.
YEAH a good plan for the day. Kid reminded me of ANOTHER over the counter to add to the list that the Dr. ordered. Can't forget THAT at the phamacy too. THREE items...
After power washing. before pharmacy I best order the business cards as those are essential to walking and pitching business NEXT WEEK.
Realized as running errands yesterday I wished I had cards. Could pitch every Dr. office and pharmacy we go to.

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