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2022-07-22 - 10:41 a.m.

Update on day as I need to sit for 5 min anyway to get a quick breath.

Went to the winery. Had no charge on my phone. YES life with ADHD... we forget these fundamentals sometimes like charging the phone at night.

I decided just to leave it plugged in at home to charge and not bring it...cause
again life with ADHD easier to not carry phone. Can't lose it then and have it when in an emergency or travel somewhere.

BUT I would have been better if it WERE on me.
CAUSE My friend DID NOT hear the many knocks. Doorbell apparently broken.

I grabbed some eggs ( will pay later when have it! I always do!)
Then left.
Came back home and did all the dishes left from last night's cooking. ( NO the nocternal folks who were up ATE but did not do dishes again. Not that I am surprised. And not that I MIND doing them.)

So I did the dishes and then cooked up some breakfast. Made it for those awake ( Two of the three.) Moved laundry along ( Which I did before leaving. I re-washed clothing a teen TRIED to do. Also instructed her "In freaking 90 degree weather YOU SWEAT and SMELL MORE
1. Don't overload the washer- you had TWO loads packed into one. ( I literally re-washed by two loads) and.or
2. You need to use twice as much soap! But better to use a smaller load AND TWICE AS MUCH SOAP as your laundry stunk

I mean it was BAD

and reminded her
3. In this heat when you do laundry YOU HAVE TO MOVE IT TO DRYER ASAP

OR it will get musty/moldy

NO wonder everyone in this household has health issues.

I swear it is the mold.

And I blame:
1. The damn guy ( I mean he tried-- I should have known better and didn't) Who did work piecemeal as an act of kindness...

honestly he was being kind. IN between other jobs he was fixing my door.
I can't really blame him. He had only the skill and knowledge he had and he did help me out AT THE TIME
even though I hired Art a couple years later to fix the crappy work.


I vented about this before. but when opened the wall and saw the black mold IN IT-
sure mold mitigation was done
BUT none of us knew to CONTAIN IT

That was not securely contained to not have it spread into the home.

It just sucks that happened.

So now I just have to be hypervigilant in cleaning bathrooms and mopping and discincecting and vauming to extent I CAN. I have a mold bomb thing I WAS going to put off in my ac heating system. BUT held off as figured it may be pulled out ANYWAY

I do clean my ducts and vacume what I can. I have hired a pro to do that in the past and it is due again/

So for now best I can do is take care of the porch, cut the backyard grass ( that is my NEXT CHORE NOW as after that next step is MOVE THE SHIT off the porch to be ready to powerwash.)

I did however just finish the cleaning of the moldy fan. Did the laundry and retrieved the screw driver and after breakfast took it apart on the porch and cleaned the heck out of it ( and the one part of the porch where I laid it to dry in the sun.)

SIGH So now to log onto work and do the work task, THEN the errands and THEN Swing by and get the power washer. (Although I looked and didn't SEE IT Behind the barn!! Not sure where it is and if it is still there at my friends' winery)

When I got home he texted me and sent a pic of an AC pulled out of one window

saying "hey have this phone charger if you want it...."

"USB"? or what kind? Have extras"

I may just come back with the AC too and figure it is worth it to install in my bedroom to cool upstairs.
Will see--but onto work. ( The paid kind)
That is next priority as have to serve this client well.

THEN The medicine pharmacy run ( and pray it is not a fortune). Vista print perhaps first so I get that done!! SInce that WILL HAVE A ROI !!!
(so will my kids all being healthy)

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