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2022-07-25 - 7:49 p.m.

OK I just came back from the walk and the windows are open in the bedroom. I can hear the buzzing of the ciccadas; and there it was!
The one louder rattling like noise of one particular insect.
A cicadda?
A cricket?

I am not sure-
but it is the SAME sound I heard from my bathroom.

Not an echo..
no it has to be a bug that somehow got inside and sadly might be slowly dying there- I can't imagine enough food source for it. (water? Maybe- not sure)

It could be in a drain perhaps? Who knows how bugs sometimes end up in drains.

But the identical sound in the trees outside made me feel at peace.

It is not a rattlesnake!

So tomorrow, when I HAVE energy ( tonight I have NONE) I hope to wake and attack the chores.

It is to be cooler tomorrow. A high of 85. That sounds perfect to me! A cooler day to tackle the job of the porch ( at least the mold mitigation part.)

The AC unit which is a 20 year old , seriously moldy oldy scary looking and smelling thing-
which nonetheless I TOOK Cause MAYBE it won't be hard to clean it up? IDK

Will try and see.
It looks more like a hunk of junk to me

and I was reminded my winery owner friend is a bit touched. I mean for real at times..

He swapped out the AC from his room with one from the winery as he said the one from the winery is better- more BTUS.

But I am wondering if the mold that is in this one that was in his bedroom has possibly contributed to HIM not feeling up to par with lethargy of late.
I mean the past couple years... he thought he caught COVID in ASia when it started ( he was there that Jan- visiting Japan, and traveled the area.. Singapore I think.. I forget)

Turns Out the place he hunkered down for three months when COVID hit which he said was in the Carribean but would not say WHERE as he loves to have something to be mysterious about...
was Bermuda.
He likely was not full of shit that he went there for business and happened to land as they went into lockdown so stayed. ( That was the story he told when he got back. But he wouldn't say WHERE he was.)

He is a strange bird so to speak at times with his weird fascination of telling travel stories and name dropping and acting like he is friends with all sorts of famous folks but which sounds like utter bullshit to me when he spins these tales...

And I mean the AC unit is just old and gross. I mean so gross I would never think of offering it to anyone.

BUT I do know it works! I have been there... so I know it was cool there! I think credible he thought smart to toss it and move another. He likely needs to do some work- maybe fix the winery system and get the window AC units out? HE said he just priced systems when I was telling him what I found.

His place is on the market for sale. I knew that was coming- he had talked of it. So he is getting some last minute things done of couse. He's been working on the house for the past couple years and it looks nice. He has so much STUFF related to his business. I can't imagine how you clean out a whole freking winery of barrels and equipment etc to sell such a space.

He said he is NOT selling the business. Just the whole property but not the business assets. I don't see why not? Just sell the whole business AS IS and let someone who wants to run a winery take it over?
Maybe its not profitable?
That could be why...
OR maybe to get a sale of the property it is better to not have it contingent on someone wanting to buy a winery?
No clue.

But honeslty I think he best sell before he drinks himself to death- although you can do that even if you don't own all the alcohol and have unlimited supply...
alcoholics find a way.

It is clear to me he is an alcoholic. I had THOUGHT perhaps he had not been drinking as much;
and I think he TRIES for some periods
but he honeslty seems to get the DTs if he doesn't drink. I mean I saw the hand shaking the other day...
til he got a drink. It was about 4pm.
I think he just has looked sober while a steady stream of alcohol.
I also notice signs of Tardive dyskinesia. I am rather sure that is exactly what it is- his tongue licking lips and lip smacking in this involunary motion
and I wonder if that is a good sign ( a side effect of undergoing treatment?) OR sign of illicit drug use?
I have seen it the past couple years when he seemed to be MORE STABLE and seemed much better than before to be quite honest. I thought he was gone for some in patient treatment and thought when he came back he looked the best he had for some years. BUT maybe it was the beach that did it! That may have been the BEST therapy- to be in Bermuda!
I bet he just moves somewhere like that.
But right before his disappearance for months a mutual friend had called the cops to go check on him as he was worried about his driking and some reason not disclosed to me...
I heard stories from some mutuals.

Anyway.. he overall is doing better.

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