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2022-07-28 - 8:59 a.m.

Job hunting is so much fun. Never know what opportunities may open up and what new experiences are possible.

I just recieved what to date is the most INTERESTING head hunter email.

This one is for a contract administrator role, not as senior as the roles I have been applying for at all I am sure ( based on the work description. Looks more like applying data analytics and managing their contracts systems. More of the kind of work of records management than the negotiation and deal curating that I am used to doing.)

They would like someone with a law degree, preferred. It is NYC and a very large entertainment industry player.
I mean one of the big three...

So that is what makes it of interest.

The kinds of contracts would include not only the background (plumbing of an org! HA HA) but also perhaps ? ? ( not sure yet) production agreements. Their operations includes CREATIVE WORKS.

That would be exposure and experience in the enterainment field which I have not worked in!
(But for review of my son's first SAGAFTRA contract as an actor; which I know honestly I reviewed well and had added value for him. He was very grateful.)

It will be fun to see what sticks.

When headhunters call it is always worth engaging as they work for large companies and go for the money. They get paid a percentage of their placements so they honestly seek out those who can get more in a market and try to sell their person as the best fit worth the investment.

All about ROI

Some are wicked good at their jobs. They will spend time on interview preparation. ( Those are the top headhunters.) They will, if needed, help revamp a resume and cover letter. They COACH their prospective employees well in any areas needed.
I so apprechate the best one I ever had pleasure of working with. He is the one who placed me in the job with Dixon Huges Goodman, where I worked for the financial sector client of theirs and later was onboarded full time.

He was just SO GOOD. I love a good professional coach! ( And it was nice my resume and cover letter passed his test! He coached me on interviewing skills!)

He told me not to talk of my weaknesses as much as I had.

Not to focus too much on lessons learned.

I remember that.

An interview is to sell yourself. So not a bad thing to put yourself in the best light possible. Your personality will come through ( flaws and all) if the interviewer is good! HA HA

Some companies go so far as hiring psycologists trained in behavioral analysis who are EXPERTS at personality and run a behavioral interview! Pretty amazing to me.

I also wonder if they are abelist HA HA

OF course I wonder that. IT is a bit scary to me that companies go that far in seeking the "perfect" candidate and I wonder what criteria they are using to rule out other capable folks for consideration?

Its' already 9:13. Getting a later start ( sort of- I did do laundry already and walk the dog.) Feels like a slower start to the day which is OK.

Time to kill the day...
or at least the mold on my siding. I did find it. YES there is some so the HOA was not crazy to ask me to powerwash.( I really thought they just randomly asked folks. It was kinda interesting however that when I took a rag to the siding in the front of my house it WAS really dirty with all sorts of DUST it looked like from the new window install months ago!! That stuff apprently doesn't come off until wiped off. But I am afraid to powerwash the front! I just touched up with paint the few nicked parts of some wood trim that YES has some dry rot!! UGH When the windows were installed some of it was disturbed. I did a TOTAL hack job- not even rock hard wood fill but rather the tacky kinda lump of gunk at the bottom of the old paint I used to touch up the trim on my porch and house was useful as fill! Heck I am unemployed just now so can't put money into it- so used what was handy. It worked aesteticllyy

My messy hack job can't be seen from afar- so when you look up at the house the few parts that were obviously white and brown- where you could see the wood damaged are now intact and blue again.

Oh I had the FUNNIEST conversation with a random guy who was driving around yesterday (on trash day) and it seemed to me picking up scrap metal. There are a couple guys who do that. I presumed this guy with a truck was doing the same. I saw him walking back to his truck parked at the end of the block ( near dead end).

And as he was walking by I opened my trunk and said "Hey I just have a question- I want a random opinion and you might know more than me."

He came over and was friendly - so I point to the moldy oldy AC window unit and say
"My AC is broken so a friend gave me this old window unit that works. But it it clearly smelling of mold. Do you think it possible to clean this and have it useful? I am concerned about health cause if can't get rid of the mold I don't want to put this in my house. We have health issues- that would be awful."

He said " I think Vinegar would work. Yes I think you could try vinegar- that might work."

" I also have to ask the HOA, not even sure I can have a window unit- but maybe if in the back"
He then introduced himself and it was the funniest thing

He said " Hi , I am the Manager of the HOA. " and tells me his name and shakes my hand.
and says "Just ask for a waiver"

and then I laugh and say "So funny! I called you over as assumed you were picking up scrap metal and my next question was going to be if it doesn't work for me- is it worth anything to you in scrap- would you wnat to pick it up? " and I laughed and said "There is a guy who drives around, at least one- grabbing any metal - he is hard working and opportunistic and takes whatever has resale scrap value! I thought that was what you were doing."

So I laughed and then noticed his camera- now keep in mind I was out front as I was painting my porch at the time- and doing the hack job of painting over the obvious spots of rotted wood. I mean clear as day I just was doing the work- but to best of MY Ability and did not have any hired pros ( many do hire and do it right when can afford to!)
So I said- "AH! " as I laughed " So you are out here working on the fix it list! Hey that's what I am doing today! Knocking it off. I have a power washer for the back when done with the porch and did get my shrubs trimmed, although not sure why that was on my list - my kids were all asking what the heck I was doing thinning them furhter as they were pretty well pruned before "

(HA I just couldn't let it be-- HAD To throw that in... I talk too much and it just came out"

And the HOA manager says-
"Yeah working on the list. Your off it now. You're good-- we just don't want it looking like this"
as he gestured to the house next door with Virginia creeper growing over the bushes. It is funny as it is one vine of it and not yet crazy like it had been before I YANKED much of it out in the Spring from next door.

I said "Yeah that Virgina creeper is crazy. I pull it out from there sometimes- as well - its next door and if left unattended it goes nuts and I don't want it on my porch."

It was so funny.

Basically I picked a good day to paint the front porch. Just perfect timing.

Rather sure they are going to leave me alone about the rotted rake board.

I will fix it ( AGAIN TRY ) eventually when I do have the cash flow- after I get the AC fixed and increase income.

Now off to use the power washer.

I have said it before: I honestly am one of the few that doesn't resent HOAs as honeslty they get me off my ass to put my time, effort, labor, energy and money into maintaining my house in ways I might otherwise let go as I frankly care less about things than people.
So it is good for me to live in a place with an HOA that keeps me on top of maintenance that I KNOW I WOULD NOT DO until I absolutely HAD to.

Hell I wanted to paint this porch three years ago ( the back one) and never got it done.

It does feel SO GOOD to get it done! I am SO GRATEFUL And HAPPY THAT MY KID is painting the front porch! I did the trim then she volunteered and is painting the stairs and top of it.
Happy to have her help with the back as well! It makes me feel so much better that she is helping out. I try not to feel BADLY Or take it PERSONALLY When the kids don't help out with things around the house or chores when I ask. I try to think it is just they are caught up in self or not feeling well or depressed still and it is not about me.
But at times it is hard to not feel a bit badly when they are not DOING much. So it makes me feel so much happiness when they are up and about and active. Yesterday we had food delivery. I did call the local chuch pantry again. I mean I have to or can't pay my mortgage! ( Even with that help I can pay the AUG Mortgage I think?? MAYBE if I dont' pay OTHER bills and let them float for a month??? I think forebearance and paying everything else might be smarter?? IDK have to see if credit card companies offer forebearance too. Can you take a break from a payment just for a couple of months?? Will see...)

Something will manifest soon. Heck if I can get through AUG then in Sept I am sure I can get a good tenant as well! That will make all the difference.

Our house is really quiet now.
OK To the hardware store now. The small local one that has been there for 50 years.

HECK I think I will actually DRESS NICE and spring for a cup of coffee in the shop just to see if I meet anyone that needs contract management services. YES 15 mintues. I have vowed to build my business locally the way that web designer I admire the work of ( but don't like personally much. I swear he is a narcissist! I mean a BONA FIDE one.... he dated a friend of mine once. Saccarine sweet smile.... I just don't trust him. She helped him SO MUCH with his business when he started out to the point of it bugging the crap out of me. I mean I could see she was giving SO MUCH To the relationship which I could tell was....well... just one of those things, those flings that would have no strings and he would cut off soon enough. YUP he is not the commitall type, more the serial monogomist with a new girlfriend every 12 to 18 mos. I mean I can tell the type. I have radar for that kind of thing since dating the Air Traffic Controller I think! I just SMELL it.. HA HA I SMELL when the guy is leading with LUST and not really caring about genuine connection but just wants a partner to fill his needs. I can tell when the guy dates as if he is car shopping and needs a new model every few years.)

That is so judgemental.
But true.

I know it is spot on. I have to admidt however that once when at a costume party he clearly had NO IDEA who I am so I had a hell of alot of fun playing with him. It was a hoot.

And I knew I could do it and not get in trouble as he KNOWS me and it is clear there is no mutual interst whatsover. HE knows I see his BS.. I mean he knows that.
And of COURSE he was there with a current girlfriend while he was actually flirting with the seeming masked stranger. It was so freaking funny. All a body language thing...
HA HA I should be nicer. When I unmasked he however though it was as funny as I did. He totally was had...
and knew it. And he found it absolutley hilarious; ableit he was a little embarassed.

DANG I just realized THAT is why in the Fall I envisioned running into my LOVER the actual 25 yr old at a Halloween party. I would SO LOVE to have that kind of fun with him! That would end very differently. YES I had the fantasy but realized it was based on that real experience but wanting it to happen with someone with ACTUAL mutual interst in.

Not a jerk.

Honestly I respect the guy professionally and just see him for who he is and feel like so many women are blind and naive and don't see what a player he is!

I shouldn't judge but I do cause I don't get the sense he is HONEST with them. Honesty is what makes all the difference to me.

MY DC guy is a player. BUT HE lets all he plays with know that! THAT makes all the difference.

I just don't understand the liars of the world.

It creates such negative energy and heartache and they use people and are hurtful in their selfisheness. It is so much easier to be really self aware and even self centered but ADMIDT IT that you are looking FOR YOUR NEEDS to be met then find someone who also will get something out of realtionship with you
and offer honestly WHAT YOU CAN.

I find no fault in those who can't commit, or won't commit . Hell I am one!
I find fault in the pretenders who fake it.
Then devastate many in their wake.
Its awful and destructive
and I don't understand how a person can do that and not FEEL at all with any care of concern for others. OR for themself.
I mean how can one be proud of self when harm others like that?

OK enough trauma venting today!! HA HA

Off to the hardware store after dressing up. OH SNAP
That reminds me- first let me try to navigate VISTA PRINT.

I had a mess up. The site kept copying my art file into BOTH the front and back of the business card! There are two distinct files and I want the front and back to be distinctly different but their site kept making them both the same! I would add a file for the back and it would override the one already input for the front. I could not figure it out.
Let me get on THAT First.
(This is why I ramble.Its like brainstorming my TO DO. I know WRITING A TO DO in my desk journal and reading it would be more efficient. I can try that again once I clean off my desk and find it again!! HA HA)

Just like exercising on a schedule would give more results. Realized why I have not gotten into a routine yet. Some days I want to run but can't as my leg is in pain. I think I just overdid it with the lifting of all the pots and furniture removed from the porch last night as my injury flared up. IDK Maybe a new one? In any case pulled something and running was not an option this AM. So I walked the dog and decided once wrap up my chores today I will go for a swim.

But now-
onto VISTA
then Hardware store and buy a cup of cofee in their shop as can hand out my prototype business cards ( not perfect but Done!)

AND this morn figure out how to log into my hosting managerment site and pull info if anyone put in contacts for more information! I HAVE To get into a routine of checking that!! (The site is supposed to email them to me but it is not working for some reason! I set up a form to capture all inputs and figured out why. The hosting site needed an email for security set up- and creates one automatically. Unfortuantely it is not used for anything else and the hosting provider has the access! I need to reach out and see if I can access it as the inquiries are going there!! OR have my web designer fix the code so they go to my email. I think she tried but have not gotten anything and my test of that FAILED!!)

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