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2022-07-29 - 6:09 p.m.

One hr countdown

No way in hell my house will be presentable.


Cest la vie

So be it I can't fo all the chores Still outstanding.

I did 📞 call me date to give heads up I have to work at 10am

No worries on his end as he had to leave by mid morning anyway for another commitment.

Whew so nice to look forward to spending 😌 time with someone easygoing. These seeming 🏃‍♀️ random ( ah ran I get it...) emojis pop up when type on phone.

Ok back to prioritizing.

I showered
Bed has been made with clean sheets.
Shower disinfected

Next: rest of bathroom

It's like part office shit. I mean why are there 🤔 bills there? Mail...magazines... receipts...

And other random crap.

Then the bedroom PILE

The pike that was in organized smaller piles but shifted 4 an interview when wanted the 💺 more like small 🛋...Davenport really the piles were on.

Then front entrance of living room.

Dishes can be moved into dishwasher last.

Ok. I needed this 5 to think n breathe and sit while my wet hair dries by fan.

Maybe it's fun for someone to read the silly drama of trying to organize a mess of house in 2 hrs. I was cleaning up drywall dust in my room 40 min ago as of course I sanded the places spackled earlier today so HAD to finish that 😅 I gave up on reinstalling curtain holder. Will do that another day but was trying to knock off that and bathroom fixture this AM!! Of course forgot anchors for that when did the store run. Always something missing for a house project! But hey power washing ALMOST done!!

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