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2022-07-29 - 8:03 a.m.

Reading about forebearance.

I don't want to pull from the 401K as the market is down considerably just now

BUT I also am concerned that when you go into forebearance your loan is then managed by the LOSS MITIGATION Dept.

Hell that tells me your particular loan is alrady FLAGGED as one that the mortgage financer could take a loss on

IN other words it is on their radar

Meaning if you are LATE or miss a payment they already are fully aware of it and watching the loan.

I wanted to find stats on if loans serviced that had forebearance are in foreclosure

go to foreclosure the same RATE and TIME

as other loans ( which did not use forebearance)

In other words- is asking for a deferral of a loan payment for a few months a BAD IDEA

and it is a better idea to just continue to pay the mortgage FIRST
and then manage all the OTHER bills.

I think it EASIER to set up forebearance- sure can be done easily. It is one lender to deal with

and then don't have to go and stop all those AUTODRAFTS of the bills set up to auto come out of my bank account. ( Which sure is convienient when there is a direct deposit from steady work and then all your bills are paid automatically without any further effort.)

I am going to PAY My AUG mortgage by Aug 1. ( I can)

BUT I think it better to NOT flag the mortgage and just be late on everything else. I will stop the auto draft of:

1. Phone/Internet
(Hell if necessary I could go tap into the library internet. That would provide structure. No kidding while out of work I AM considering cutting it off. My kids would FREAK but hell they are not paying the bills. So too damn bad. This would be a SMART financial decision. Considering the Verizon internet VACATION. I LOVE they do that so easily. Can keep on the land line but just PAUSE the Internet service. They just stop it- and no extra fee; just pause then turn it back on when ready! So you can keep the service long term but cut your bill for a few months "Vacation")
2. Car Insurance
3. Water Bill
4. AAA Membership
5. Life Insurance Policy
6. Supplemental Home Insurance Policy
7. Last but not least the $300 a month loan payment for the loan taken to hire the lawyer for my kid to be able to graduate their local HS. PIA but YES WORTH IT! The kid graduated. The kid has no energy to get a job but does want to try going to college. Will see- they have dreams and hopes at least.
* REMINDER need to As soon as can afford to; get this kid a driver liscense and passport. (The kid wants to apply for school in Germany as it is WAY cheaper there than here. An no this kid is not a scholarship student due to the chronic illness. WOULD HAVE BEEN if school were not interrupted due to illness. The kid is brilliant!)
* Other reminder to self. I want my brilliant Hacker kid to check all my security configs. Hell some freak out when I talk compliance to them- but I actually fucking walk the walk. (There are some out there selling services to get others to be compliant with REGS when I know for a fact they are not! Not hard to check- watch when they turn on their freaking computer in front of you. Do they have multifactor authentication?? HA HA It is really easy to see - EITHER A YES or a NO. I laugh at folks who act like they are either clueless or just think eveyone else is. Some ARE clueless and just want to make a buck. Some are just downright UNETHICAL and just wnat to make a buck. )

I won't CANCEL anything just now just yet as far as my bills- just float and will be late with some payments until I have the income to catch up.

BUT the mortage does come first

Better to do the work of the other things that the easy step which could be the worst move in event finances are tight for long.
I can always CANCEL the insurance policies. Hell I can even be dramatic ( if needed ) and take my car off the road and cut off internet.

ALL Worth it to maintain my house.

I don't think I WILL have to do that (scale back). BUT I have done it before... so just brainstorming. There are always ways to cut expenses!

Increasing work the best step.
Bringing in a tenant the next one.

Heck will have a family POW WOW

Maybe the teen that just got the job will be happy to contribute just the $120 for the time being to keep internet on.

OH Forgot the cell phone bill too..
ADD That to the above list ( distict from Verizon!)

I actually have two cell phones. I have a dedicated work line for my former employer/ now my first client. I charge them- so that is not household nor really business expense BUT I HAVE to pay upfront and get reimbursed. ( I use that phone ONLY For their business and will maintain it unless they tell otherwise. I am however listed as POC on every subK/NDA and TA and other items worked on in past year so that is important to maintain as a dedicated line. Its only about $25 a month anyway.I bought the phone- they did not cover that but only the service.I already shifted that bill to be autodrafted from my business account. I paid the bill for the past month already. I am not sure if they need to end the existing payroll account as employee and start a brand new one for my 1099 work- but if they can make changes right in the system as set up I already updated my direct deposit there so any work I do as a 1099 now - from this week on gets paid after I invoice to my new business checking account!)

Speaking of managing my business budget! (HA HA) I had moved just $50 into its account ( as my own angel investor HA HA)

Tiny bit of seed money.

I spent $14.99 on an Adobe monthly membership fee. I just decided I had to. I hate docusign. It is also a pd service. I tried out their free and it was not cutting it for me. I need a good word to PDF program and tried a free one and the quality sucked. It looked like a faint scanned copy.
I just COULD NOT send out final documents that look like crap.
I played around with options then bit the bullet and decided for the business I NEED to have the Adobe subscription.

So I did order my business cards yesterday! ONLY 100 but was THRILLED the cost was $32.20 just in my budget! Once I have income and clients I can order more before hitting any conferences. I have a few of the self printed ones but they don't look as good as I want to present so being careful who I give them to.

I need enough income to be able to afford to attend the next NCMA conference. That is an AMAZING organization. I really want to kick up volunteer work with them.
I have some training/presentations or at least round table conversations would love to get going.
(I don't have to present. I just want to kick up conversations!!)

I won't go into the topics here at all. BORING WORK STUFF

AND just to leave it at I have a fucking annoying gift of seeing the vulnerabilities where folks need to tighten up compliance so hope to LEVERAGE That and HELP CLIENTS do it!
That is in general areas I would like to faciliate conversations about:



Lack of awareness is no excuse when you are being avoidant. Don't pretend you don't need to comply because you "don't understand" And didn't know...

That is just BS

and not a good strategy.

I love helping people get their shit straight. I get frustrated when they won't.

And on that note

I think I covered my TO DO For today-
Recap ( As I am slow and still didn't clean my desk . Its on the list- but not today. Will get there and until do the boring daily to do shit goes here)

Already moved all money to one acct to pay the mortgage

I did shop for some OK not essentials, but THINGS WORTH INVESTING IN.

Salad I just wanted freaking salad greens to eat; and an onion ( oops there were two but I THANKFULLY had all the teens help received the groceries and they did the unpacking- so it was a panic "God if we have no onions we can't cook a THING with all those canned beans etc...) So one yellow onion
Salt and Vinegar chips and gatorade for the teen sitting in car waiting as I got those things- hell it was freaking 85 and felt like in 90s and she needed that!!
and RUBBER GLOVES, DISHMACHING DISH WASHING DETERGENT And two pack of NEW Sponges so that the teens might actually help with dishes. They will help if they don't have to TOUCH stuff HA HA ( This is an autism thing. Remember only one diagnosed but the other ADHD folks kinda show similar traits.....)

But other than which were the WANT TO HAVE to make life better ( oh and the water bill cheaper if use dishwasher so that doens't really belong up there) that only NECESSITIES Were bought- sanitary napkins, toilet paper STUFF TO FIX The house I mean I could that as necessity-
Thompson Water sealer for the deck
spackle to re-hand the darn toilet roll holder that came off in the main bathroom downstairs bugging the shit out of me ( The super glue hack DID NOT WORK and now I have to get the fixture glued together apart to reinstall over the fixed patched wall. ) $4.50 for caulk AS you know if the moldy caulk in my bathroom and kitchen is bugging the shit out of me
AND I REMEMBER DISTICTLY JUDGING EVERY BATCHELOR MALE WHO HAD MOLDY CAULK ( ok it is a good judgement as means NOT OCD and likely not a psycho and nut job... but still there was also that little bit of CRINGE Factor like "Do I really want to take a bath now in THIS Tub??? I always just kinda quitely cleaned it if it was that bad BEFORE the bath and said nothing... but I mean I DO Have SEINFELD as a guest, and sure it is NOT A GOOD SIGN That he is ....well particular... I see some red flags for sure.. HA HA BUT At the same time...I am not seeing enough to not want to enjoy his company and run and see enough as to otherwise... HA he is not a neanderthal....and curbs his controlling nature or learned behavior....)

SO yeah $4.95 for caulk less for the health of the enviroment ( oh that too) but more as I MIGHT Want to enjoy intimate time with him and want HIM TO BE COMFORTABLE

I don't want him to look at the crappy mold spots and be freaked out.

SO yeah it is a good motivator to have invited him here to get my own shit done that frankly was on my TO DO LIST for HEALTH anyway

NO mold should be let to linger ANYWHERE

SO I was thrilled WalMart had CLEANING VINEGAR

TOTAL BILL $68.00 dollars!!

After the mortgage payment, I had calculted I had $90 left.

That leaves me now down to $20


The Aug income will be all that earned from the retirement community, the about 5 hrs a week from my CLient ( former employer of 20 hrs)
and Unemployment payment ( if any).

I did MAIL the forms the must be RECEIVED by the 31rst. One only ARRIVED in the mail yesterday, I just flipped it back out.

I will now try AGAIN to complete those on line as well.

THREE Job intereviews were had this week. So those are steps anyway. I never did make it to the coffee shop as decided I was better off going to Walmart as I know the items would be cheaper there than the local Hardware store AND that they would also have the other stuff needed AND it was on the drive back from the Dr. Appt for the allergy shot.

MY kid is DEFINATELY showing MAJOR improvement in health due to the allergy shots. NO DOUBT worth it.
She is the one that started painting the front porch. I am trying to be PATIENT to let her finish it. But If I finish the deck cleaning ( yes still in progress-- talk about a GROSS JOB. Watching the mold come off.... I did it when it got cooler last night and was working in the dark for a while. Threw my wet clothes in the l aundry and then showered. I forgot to wear a mask at first then realize I am kicking up Freaking BLACK MOLD
so happy to report feeling fine-
I did go in to grab a face mask! I was wearing an eye mask ( oh yeah that was on the shopping list).

So honestly it was LATE when I got home from running the kid to the Dr. and then running errands. I did stop at the bank and spoke with a banker. HAPPY that my mortgage is held by a bank that opened a branch in my town. I literally am going to hand the check for my mortgage at the branch from now on. REAL TIME when I KNOW the money is there. I did not like the days lag of their phone payment system processing after trying to make a payment by phone. It was not as quick as the other financial institutions and defeated the purpose of trying to ensure that payment went through quickly (just in case I forgot about some autodraft on another bill!)

OK Maybe I AM the female version of Gerry and that is just projection?? A cross between Gerry and Elaine I guess HA HA
Cause I just looked at the bathroom and it is NOT THAT Bad. I caulked it about a year ago. Honestly a 15 min job- pull out old caulk, clean with vinegar- let sit ( waiting the 10 min to ensure shit killed is the hardest part that requires patience) then the 5 min once dry to slap on some caulk.

THAT Is why I judge those who don't do it. Its not that hard-
Just do it!
Not cause I am germphobic or an OCD neat freak.But beacuse I have that SELF judgement HA HA
of hating procrastination of things that are actually easy but your BRAIN thinks of as a project...
cause I DO THAT.

YEah I got this damn porch job....

Caulking first so it is dry later

I was going to clean the bathroom but honestly that takes more time and its not that bad. Porch priority

Call Verizon ( bill autodraft on 2nd to be stopped from auto draft!)
As was saying yesterday I got the house siding done and about 1/3 of the porch powerwashed I would estimate.

IT takes LONGER than I thought as the mold was pretty bad. I did the part that was bad. The last 2/3 will be much quicker I think.

Maybe it was good I did it in the dark? I could SEE The mold as it has a shine to it at night. And is black.

BUT honestly it was dark and I had googles and not glasses so perhaps that was better as I couldn't take in the fullness of its disgustingness as it was breaking up and the grey sludge rolling over the side of the porch. It was as I sat there I wondered

Where is my bike down below look like??

DAMN I likely will have to power wash that next as it stored right under the porch. I did not think to move it until I was there watching the sludge fall...

ALong with the moldy oldy AC. I think I am just going to take the hose to that. Electronics CAN get wet and be used as long as don't break any componants AND THEY FULLY DRY OUT before using. Just will try to not get the electronics but only the exterior and the vents... if I can.
I used a dishwashing detergent cleaning vinegar solution (mixed with water) in the power washer. There was some soap in there already... used that on the siding ( whatever solution my friend had. ) After soaked it a bit then just used water to finish and rinse. Will inspect with my glasses on and see how it all looks today and wrap it up!

OH one last thing
Virginia creeper a crazy thing. Even the power washer did not knock off the remnants on the neighbors abutting house where the vines had attached and climbed up the side. Need a ladder and razor to scrape them off. Maybe will do that when get the few bits of blue globby stuff ( paint and old paint can sludge) that fell from the hack job molding repair and landed on one window out front! HA HA

Truth be told I was GLAD no work came in yesterday actually! As It was less stress to not have any deadline as focus on the house.

OK enough writing. It is my relaxation and reset to start the day. ONTO it...
cause want to get this porch done and ALSO get my bedroom straightened before my dinner date. I am glad it is kinda later- at 7:30 pm! I FINALLY Pulled out those summer clothes from my attic! I won't have time to finish organizing clothing (That WAS the Friday plan! HA HA I thought I would have the porch done by yesterday!! HA HA Thought would have all day today to devote to MY SPACE. My space always gets neglected and comes last.. ce la vie.) But at least I will find time to finish washing the bedding ( half done I finally washed the comforter! OH yeah poison ivy AGAIN but I am sure it was after I cut the back yard and weeded back there! This time on my left forearm! AND mild. It appeared but is not as insidious. I think the constant re-exposure is its own for of immunotherapy!! For real. I keep getting it but it is milder and not as itchy and the bumps now recede much faster. Ha Ha The blessing in disguise of repeat exposure somehow!)

I have a gift of throwing shit in a closet that works if all else fails and no time to REALLY Clean my room! HA HA

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