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2022-08-03 - 3:02 p.m.

At least I know a job posting is real when I get multiple calls from headhunters for the same role!
and kudos to those agressive recruiters who scrub Linked In.

A LARGE percentage of them happen to be calling from India.

I worked with some outsourced legal support in India over the years and have to say they were some of the smartest, most efficient and polite folks to work with.

I had one boss who was tremendously irritated by the fact globalization makes it harder for us here in the U.S.

We have had to pick up our game in the professional world as those highly trained professionals from India present MORE competition-

this is true.

I don't really mind.

They are also the headhunters really aggressive.

I decided if I want to actually work in a space that is not zenophobic and not racist and less inclined to be homophobic or not like me as my brain and experiences are different from theirs-

not abelist

not judgemental of quirky and different

BUT a space where they are happy to get work done well without caring much about WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE

what better way to screen potential employers than BITING When one of those Indian head hunters call?


Ce la vie...

They at least are happy to submit my resume at the HIGH END of the range for the job postings out there.

I am tired today. So funny that when I just take a nap or rest and do easy kinda paperwork things rather than go do the active work outside that it pays off with being here to take the headhunter phone calls.

Its funny as today I have been productive in a way even when I was not trying to be. Not a bad thing!

But now to focus on the priorities to get them done!!

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