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2022-08-04 - 12:20 p.m.


The dark tetrad!
Something to be avoided surely

Which is why women who engage in sex work set themselves up for emotional , and physical abuse! ( Some even get killed! One article quoted a guy saying he presumes a prostitute is happy that he is not going to kill her! I MEAN WHO EVEN THINKS LIKE THAT but someone so twisted and dangerous that COULD kill a woman? HOW awful yet truly the real mindset of some men.)

There is a feminist narrative that is can be EMPOWERING for women to be in control of THEIR sexuality by being the one to offer it at the price they set.
There is the dominatrix who is the person IN CONTROL and in fetishes of BDSM there is the actual pain infliction ( the pleasure pain thing).

I don't buy into that story however that a sex worker is actually in control. I don't think possible when so many of the purchasers are mysogonistic and narcissistic!

There is the myth The excessive PRIDE of some who think they can enage with the narcissists of the world and be unscathed. The myth they can take the money for a service and run.
I don't believe they are EVER unscathed.

IF the Dark tetrad is truly a thing

Hell avoid it at any cost. EVEN if no other way to provide in the short term. I guess I am just fixated on this as wonder why SOME WOMEN are so eagar to turn to men -whether seeking a relationship

OR in work via prostitution to meet their needs

and why when I can't meet my family needs the LAST THING I WANT TO DO is have anthoer person around- in particular a man!
I mean I feel like
as i can't normally do the things needed to date.

I can't afford the gas.

I didn't run the numbers yet. But I did invoice and I think there IS a paycheck from the retirement community the end of this week-

BUT Because that darn ( what was it AAA? ) autopay went through I FORGOT in the list of autopay
the amt for the mortage is NOT THERE in that account! (DAMN It WAS THERE The prior THREE DAYS IF only the payment had CLEARED that I authorized for the mortgage payment! NO Worry if the AAA payment did not go through!)

The mortage payment sent electronically is the ONLY payment which will continue to RE POST
and re post
and re post
and trigger the really dumb $35 insufficient funds fee OVER and OVER until cleared.

WHICH at this point will be Friday it seems.


I propably could call my Dad?

I am so damn stubborn I don't even want to ask my DAD for help.

Going to run the numbers now. If all will clear and be settled and the mortgage paid on FRIDAY With the income I expect then-


If not well, I have to continue to do what I am doing and know it will all work out. What can I cut from the budget? (This is the #1 reason for a budget! Only then do you see what you can eliminate to reduce costs!)

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