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2022-08-06 - 12:15 p.m.

My kids have had eczema for years.

I am not prone to it- but this week I DID get it! both on one finger and on the sole of one of my feet.
It is weird how it is isolated to those two areas.
I at first thought it was poison ivy- which I have a recurrance of that has been thankfully healing.
But the small very itchy bumps with clear fluid under the skin are eczema- not the typical poison ivy rash.

I did not have the fortitude to not just SCRATCH which honestly made it feel BETTER. I then covered the ugly rash on my hands with a band aid.
The foot part is minimal- very mild and one itchy spot and it just healing.

I am sure it is both the HEAT and STRESS.

Amazing what stress does to the body! The immune system becomes overreactive.

So I am now chilling while the oven heats up to bake the chicken wings I marinated last night. I don't have energy to deal with the grill and it is not too hot to bake in the house today.

Tired a bit! I did get the porch powerwashed. I needed to bake the chicken so don't really have time to be messing with cleaning the gross AC unit. Well maybe... it is not as big of a job requiring changing my clothes when done like the porch cleaning was. Maybe I can put the chicken in the oven and take a bucket and gloves out front and work on it. I just am not very energetic and it is not very appealing and motivating to do as it is so old and yucky. BUT If it DOES clean up nice it WOULD be nice to have an AC unit upstairs. That WOULD improve quality of life so I hope to get over the distaste and unpleasantness and just get it done- get it cleaned to assess if worth putting in.

I just have REALLY low energy today which is making it harder to start.

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