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2022-08-07 - 11:47 p.m.

The Virginia Unemployment Claimant site is SO FINICKY!

I finally made it through all the hoops of getting them all the baseline info. I then finally got to the FILE WEEKLY CLAIM Section.
The first time they were confused by my saying at some point I was self employed but then the entering of the company name ( for the company I started) not being recognized as self employement.

I realized it was good the site was freaked and confused and did not ACCEPT that info on that claim-
As I made a mistake anyway!
I was entering the initial hrs worked and BILLED to my first client.

BUT that is not MY PAY and I won't get paid from the company ( which is indeed a separate unique entity now~) UNTIL The company turns a profit by bringing in enough revenue to pay of the intitial start up fees.
In other words the money coming in is offsetting those dollars I already spent to get my web site up and running, and the fees to incorporate etc..
Business insurance...
the Adobe subsription so I can sign documents and create PDFs. etc...

I also don't really have clients ( but for the piddly hrs worked and this week they didn't even give me any work)

So tonight I was happy I could get in there and YEAH

I finally succeeded in filing the claims for the first two eligible weeks.

Progress... one step at a time.

THEN I was ALMOST done with the claim for the third week. AND DANG the site bumped me and gave the error msg again!

Bummer is I was taking the honestly literally and listing EVERY job I applied for last week- and was on job application info for the sixth job applied for.

I should have just stopped at 3 as I think they don't care if its 2 or 3 or more.... they just want to know someone is actually LOOKING. IT may be redundant to actually list ALL the jobs applied for.

It takes a while to do and then increases the liklihood of the site glitching-

if I take too long confirming data points, or I bump the back arrow accidentally or hit a button 2X accidentally- my key board is sensitive so that happens sometimes and if I do that
DANG that site doesn't work!
It triggers the error.

When I go back in maybe I will have it in me to say NO to the question "did you apply for any other jobs this week?"

I am not sure if I have it in me. I mean that sounds so darn stupid. HA HA At least I can joke about the propensity to not want to actually lie on official forms.

It does have some ridiculous results...
I mean navigating a crappy site longer than necessary is ridiculous.

That may be motivating enough... to LIE and say NO to that question.

and think my responses are "Good Enough".

I just want to get ALL the claims to date caught up before starting the new week!

Honestly the untemployment insurance process makes it so difficult. ( By design I am sure!)
It certainly works to weed out those who ARE NOT Actively job hunting from getting benefits! Trouble is I think it also is more difficult than need be and many who ARE looking for work also get these impediments on the site so it blocks their success in actually getting benefits!
I recall Art never filed and I am sure it is cause he did not have the patience to deal with the process. I never understood that however. I mean it is MONEY and if you NEED money just suffer through the darn process and also LEVERAGE it as MOTIVATION To get your ass in gear and job hunt! Hell basially it is like a reward- Do this paperwork and job hunt and tell us and you get money each week until you land a new job.
Not a bad idea IN THEORY

But hell their site should fix the operations glitches so it is functional and doesn't require folks to try OVER and OVER and OVER again to input the same info until it finally WORKS and processess it.
That is simply a crappy web site. Poorly designed.

Heck maybe there is a call for VEC to find labor to work on a software improvement project! (HA HA) I should look as that business end user tester might be a valuable job doing really important work to make other's lives tangibly better!

Once set up I think filing on the app on my phone may be simpler. So I will try that.

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