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2022-08-08 - 10:31 p.m.

So today, this afternoon actually, I filled out the information while filing a claim for unemployement and I stopped at entering five jobs I applied for. ( There was at least one more but I was literally dozing and getting really tired and did decided it is not an egregious act to just click "No" after the question "Did you apply for any other jobs this week?"
when the answer is "Yes"

As I was filling out all the info of last weeks job hunting an email popped up and it said "Decision of Deputy" as its header; and then gave me a message to log in as there is an action item- here is the exact langauge:

"Correspondence or a request for information is now available for you to view or complete in Claimant Self-Service."

But when I logged in AFTER completing the info for last week; there was nothing there at the site for me to even read let alone DO something with-
like input more info.

I can't worry about it! I have filed up through last week and am happy the system allowed me to finally do that!

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