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2022-08-09 - 9:19 a.m.

Every time I take a new job I have to get a secure Certificate and Digital Signature.

Then every time I LEAVE a job I have to contact the company that issued it and be sure it is revoked so no one else can sign things in MY name.

So today my to do includes:
Finances- (of course)

I have to invest in a digital security certificate to be able to access the non classified site where proposals are shared of work needed by Feds.

Since the VERY Capable former co worker had his project end very recently and is looking the sooner I get in there the better. He offered to help on proposal prepartion which is freaking awesome cause he LEGITIMATELY enjoyed working with me.

I will definately email any proposal for his services to him to vet.

SO today:

manage finances to move money into the business acct. YES it is still one way- me funding the business!! HA

I know it will!!
I did send my first invoice so there is that. Eventually that will be paid.

OH wait! They might be QUICK. I might NOT have to move money ( even though techinically they have 30 days to pay).

That is kinda exciting.

I have been thinking about what are my ESSENTIAL business expenses. My kids are going to be irritated but I have not upgraded our SUPER crappy DSL internet as what I have WORKS FOR ME
and hell I don't want to make it TOO comfortable for gaming and encourage them to NEVER leave HA HA
Just kidding in a way- truth is every time I evaluated the cost and benefits there WERE NO BENEFITS for me.

All for them
But increased cost for me

The more they don't do other things the more it becomes a truth that I am not going to enable what I call an addiction.

I mean you don't have to play more than a couple games to be gaming addicted.

Middle school brains on Minecraft
Now for mine it is Genshin Impact a fantasy game they are LOST in.

Literally absorbed and obsessed with.

It is their Special Interest.

Yes I am SURE the autism trait is strong and we have some not diagnosed here.

The teacher kid who read the recent book on that may in fact be spot on.

So Today's to do: ( I enjoyed leisurely sleeping in til about 8 then walked dog and then made pancakes then shut up the comfortable house to get it ready for the near 100degrees today! Thankfully it cooled last night. Today will be a hot one.)

I WAS going to go clean that damn ac unit But then thought do this writing and work stuff first then tackle that and staining a bit. I just have to get it done.Yesterday was medical appointment and I met a friend mid day ( she is awesome) who texted me she had an unexpected free afternoon without her son. I figured go meet at a coffee shop and see if any of those community bulletin boards to put my business cards on. ( Does that work? Maybe?)

There was not one at the coffee shop west of me, that I picked near her. But it was a nice drive. gas there is cheaper!( Filled for $3.99 a gallon!) and I did not get coffee at 1pm but ice cream for all of $4.50 ( including $1 tip!) which felt indulgant and lovely!

YEAH the loan from teacher kid sent via Venmo cleared the bank AND YES the mortgage payment went through on the 2nd attempt! (They also REFUNDED the $35 fee!! YEAH!) WHEW SO I can breathe easy.

So I got the package the bank sent when I asked about deferring payments on the mortgage.


That bumps your loan into the LOSS MITIGATION DEPT. OH NO... I did ask questions of the banker when I had walked into the branch to inquire about the possibility of a deferral just for a couple of months and wanted to know what the distinction was between that and forebearance as the web site mentioned both.

I Figured if they could just flag an account and start mortage payments back up in two months that would be awesome! If they do short term deferral of payment

OH no it is much more complicated than that. I got the package and they have you fill out a form to pull your IRS records... etc... etc.... all the paperwork used when APPLY For a mortgage as they basically are going to look at EVERYTHING and get ready to
SWEEP IN and claim their ASSET and try to sell it...
MAke no mistake the whole process is BS about "Helping" one stay in their home and clearly about the bank positioning themself to mitigage THEIR LOSS and recover what they can if a consumer of their mortgage product defaults( yes they call mortgages "products" As really we are buying the MORTGAGE NOT THE HOUSE!!)

Oh hell no
It flags your house for quicker movement into foreclosure surely. I just read it and have little trust this helps folks in a bind. I mean it reminds me of a balloon mortgage. The forebearance or deferral is often set up not to SKIP a couple months payments but to PUT THEM OFF .

So think about this-
If I can't afford to pay ALL MY BILLS and decided to pay EVERYTHING ELSE and DEFER a mortgage payment til find work; after a couple months the whole damn DEPT OF THE MISSED PAYMENTS and that months payment will suddently be DUE IN FULL!

No actual help or grace to give folks a pause ... then resume payments without recovering all past due.

SO todays to do:
1. Finances to set up - review and figure out budget of what I need to spend on as priorities ( once money comes in! YEAH I do have some VEC money to be autodeposited in next 21 days!
2. ASAP- when have cash! Order the secure certificate to log in and get access to gov site for proposals. That is #1 priority as need that access to find work!! AND CALL them to be sure the old one is INACTIVE! ( I didn' u>3. Check no incoming work - If any DO IT ASAP
4. Email the HOA ( humble ask for window AC unit approved in back of house no one can see from the road and let them know progress on "the to do list' they sent.
5. STOP PROCRASTATING the porch completion. Next step- Cleaner as it is hopefully going to do an even better job than my power wash job. I got caught up trying to figure out how to get that job done. I do have a brush but it is crappy and falls off the handle - but I can tape the damn thing and use it to scrub like I did before!!! It will do! I I have a BHER porch cleaning solution leftover from last round of this- I will mix what is left with cleaning vinegar and diluted as recommened. I wanted to do this AFTER a heavy rain as they tell you do be sure all your lawn is wet to dilute when there is run off after cleaning and rinsing the porch. DAMN I should have read the instructions as the time to have used the chemicals was RIGHT AFTER powerwashing when EVERYTHING Was sopping!! Missed that opportunity...
but have to just get it done and not wait for a big rain! (I thought one might come and then do this task right after when the wood is wet already which is recommended too rather than have to waste water and hose everything down to do the job. I am impatient now waiting so need to just get it done.)
I felt like it was just TOO hot yesterday.
But a neighbor motivated me. She was out weeding her front yard mid day in the full sun. And she seemed HAPPY And FINE! I realized I never mind when doing outdoor work on hot days as long as hydrated! My friend also wanted to sit OUTSIDE as we went to the coffee shop too. She was out waiting for me as she arrived early. (I was kinda looking forward to the AC and the ambience inside! HA HA) but it reminded me not to be avoiding being outdoors just cause hot out. Heck I can do things even when ridiculously hot!! (Just sitting I was getting heat rash and that stinks- may as well move and get shit done as it won't be any more uncomfortable than it was just sitting at home frankly. In fact I think I NOTICE the heat more if inactive than I do when active. My brain just gets distracted by focusing on other things and working on something so the discomfort is not as acute to me. ( I try to tell the kids this in relation to their pain- to see if it feels BETTER when moving and busy as I swear that is the way it works for me!)


6.Stop procrastinating the disgusting job of cleaning the wonky AC- Clean the damn thing and tackle the job of seeing if I can install mounts outside my window and install the damn thing. I just look at it and feel overwealmed like "How am I suppsed to clean this thing? "
But I have to try with what I have-- moldx and some rags to start!

OH and then help the one kid with planning doctor appointments. I reminded yesterday but realized it was 5pm! Too late in the day to schedule. DARN Today want to encourage of help with scheduling call for a couple of doctors for the one kid.

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