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2022-08-09 - 7:03 p.m.

Everyone should watch this.

There are many who are concerned that the right to vote is literally under attack in recent years in a way that it has not been in 50 to 60 years.


Historians assess currently it is as bad as when Jim Crow laws were passed with the exception there are not MURDERS of those working toward voting

BUT that it is subversively being done in policy with unstated goals , or racism, supported by de facto acts that support racism ( without ever saying the goal!)
Quietly done with administrative law changes-
at local levels

At county levels

At the places where polls are allowing access to voting.

I noticed in my own small town that a few years back the main polling spot MOVED from in town ( accessible by the bus line) to a yes larger school so more parking- BUT
a RURAL SCHOOL with no bus access which meant the only folks who could get there were those with cars

To me it was a clear act of removing access to the polls and I was very disturbed by it.

I honestly was MORE aware of this as at the time I had taken my car off the road so that first year of voting there I had BIKED to the poll.

And truly in my privalege had my car been on the road I may not have noticed the change in polling place.
I was aware as it impacted me.

This is how insidious racism is.

When we are WHITE and Privaleged with means of cars and transportation

we don't NOTICE the tactics which cut out those without means.

We can't tell when the changes have affected mainly black members of our communities.

So we accept changes often without question or knowledge.

YET behind those changes there OFTEN REALLY IS someone with actual racist intent.

At best they are ignorant
BUT that honestly has not been proved to be true when scruiny of the decisioners has been done.
Racist comments are found when one looks under the veil of decisioners social media and on line presence... etc.. more often than not.

This makes me trendously sad.

I signed up for an NAACP training on how to support racial equity and address and hopefully dismantle actual racism in our society.

I watched this and read some of the materials and the sad thing is I just feel so upset and get emotional about this issue.
It just makes me want to cry.

I find it very depressing in this moment.

I just don't feel strong or detatched
which maybe good to not be detatched but I feel really emotional and SAD.

Just like could cry and am not because on a zoom call.

Maybe I will turn off the camera and let it flow if the tears will come as hearing about all the decisions that have been weakening voting rights

Chieft Justice Roberts overturned 48 years of law in the Shelby decision.

In 24 hrs of the decision states started passing and implementing laws to restrict voting and it HAS NOT STOPPED

Every American should watch this

And really understand the Shelby decision

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