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2022-08-10 - 2:43 p.m.

I need a nap.
Literally ALL I did today was job hunt.

I took the dog for a walk and then thought "Let me just knock off at least two job applications today" since I am working at the retirement community tomorrow and won't have time then.

(OK I did eat breakfast, then cooked-- I kinda forgot about that. Roasted some nice seasoned zucchini and potatoes as well at 7:30 AM . I mean have to cook either EARLY in day or LATER at night when cooler or else the house gets too hot.)

Yeah so other than the nice breakfast and coffee

I sat down to job hunt with a nice cup of decaf , and made a pot of decaf so did not have to worry about refills and can have as much coffee as please as late as please ( my joints have not been hurting lately so risking that!);

I worked on looking for jobs
LUNCH break at 12:30

and can hardley believe here it is 2:46 and today I only applied for TWO JOBS.
AND the worst part is the 2nd is thanks to a recruiter calling ME and handing the opportunity to me without effort on my part about 15 minutes ago.

Had a nice chat with her; agreed on the rate for the role ( it is not a director role so I agreed to reasonable but not as high as more senior jobs).
I am humble enough I will take what STICKS BUT
am aiming both high
and also applying for jobs that are the equivalent of the job I had prior to this latest Director role.

My ego is not going to be so high that I don't accept what opportunities DO come my way!

There is a balance in this art of seeking professional work.

OK to be fair I also reached out looking for clients for the company itself. One contact and correspondence via Linked in and scoped another I would LOVE To connect with but WILL NOT as I don't violate non competes.

Sheesh... I KNOW this guy likely WOULD hire my company but I am still waiting.

BUT I did the work to confirm they still don't have anyone dedicated to the contract management. At least I could not find anyone with that title so I think for that company the VP Business Dev lead is still wearing MANY Hats and needs help!
(He is my perfect client! Folks LIKE him are the perfect client! Basically the small business CONTROL FREAKS HA HA HA who never have handed anything over cause they do it ALL themselves but then have grown to the point where they can't keep up and REALLY need help. I can work with some control freaks and win them over once they realize the added value I bring IF they are not at all threatened by me! That is the key- help them fix the crap they did not know better and did not know was crap... cause they are not EXPERTS in contracts but are experts in whatever the services their company delivers... a different skill set....)

Most companies have some crap to clean up.

The trouble is they don't always see it but over time it gets more pungent.

When I can smell it a mile away its time to clean it up!

But some companies would rather HIDE Their dung- and think somehow if they bury it it will act like the hidden fertilizer and they can keep growing.

Sorry it does not always work like that. SOMETIMES for sure it does! Not going to pretend otherwise. Sometimes there really is little risk in hiding your crap from when did not know better....
but other times there is reason to truly just be honest and clean it up.

That is where I can be a huge asset.

OR if you are not ready to clean it up; that is where after I exposed the shit I have not yet figured out HOW TO GAIN TRUST
so that folks are comfortable keeping me around as they GROW into figuring out how to manage it.

I give my clear opinion for sure and I will not let you forget the issue either

BUT That does not mean I am going to let it seep into all your other spaces and soil it all!
Just cause I know and name your crap doesn't make the risk BIGGER That it is going to possibly tarnish the rest of your business!

I mean the risk is the same. It is in fact only LESSENED by guidance I give to mitigage it.

OK enough of the crappy analogy! HA HA

But I swear sometimes I feel like my career could be a funny Graphic Novel...

I love these cartoonish ideas
and I can't draw
or haven't.

Well I feel just EXAUSTED and it is cause ONE job I applied for IS Director level and I first tried to apply on the company website and they have some FUNKY interface issue.

One of those long ass taleo style job applications where you not only submit your resume but have to complete EVERY field for every damn job you have had-with details.
those are painful.
THEN when they don't work and you get an error message "Try again later" they are for me disappointing! I suppose for some infuriating.
BUT MY ADHD obsessiveness kicks in and I will TRY AGAIN and AGAIN... (beyond reason) on the same damn site until finally I figure
This is not going to work today.
I mean I was changing things
figuring it had to be a glitch
some user interface constraint problem not figured out that somehow I through I could figure out-- thinking I can outsmart a poorly designed interface.
NO that is just narcissistic of me! HA HA
and dumn

So finally after three tries at their site it FINALLY occured to me-
Oh yeah I found this job on a third party site I did not want to have to make a profile on.

So FINALLY Went back to the original posting I found ( I often skip that and go right to the source. For one if there is no middle man , there is no middle man making a MARK UP per hour on my labor or a finders fee so I strongly believe the BEST way to negotiate the highest salary is AVOID any middle man)

I gave in and went through THAT SHITTY interface
Damn the site I found the posting at was almost as painful as the first. BUT at least it worked and YES!! My application submitted!!

NOW if I get the job I would like to THINK it is because I am in fact the best candidate of many as opposed to one of the few to consider at all cause their process is so damn difficult that only the tenacious get through it.

Now that might be a good weeding out technique..say... for a Navy Seal ... or a Marine

But hell for civilian white collar professional jobs
I think complicated job applications test only patience and I think they are quite dumb.

They also are abelist. But that is another rant for another day. So thank God for the recruiter who called just as I was thinking "I am tired now and need a nap!"

So funny how often the moment I lay down the phone rings and it is a recruiter. This is a pattern. Funny

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