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2022-08-16 - 6:20 p.m.

5 or 6 nice small venizon steaks are in this marinade to be cooked for dinner tomorrow

Cortousey of some local hunter who butchered, froze then donated these to the Tree of Life food pantry run by the Baptist Church in my town.

Its a real community effort of love.
We ate pancakes this weekend from pancake mix donated by the Seventh Day Aventists.
Out in the midwest they can peas and other veggies and we have gotten those from our church along with the pancake mix and hot coco mix which even though it has been scorching mid summer honestly was a real treat.

( The food pantry sends healthy food here. Not much junk food. Like ONE treat per family when they drop off food for the next three weeks. We did enjoy that Weigmans peach tart that was in the last food delivery!)

I am so very apprechiative of the help from the community.

Some are too proud. Or don't think it right to ask for help.

Trust me it is not wrong to ask for help when you need it. When YOU HAVE EXTRA then YOU GIVE BACK.

When you ARE flush be sure to donate your money or if don't have that then your time giving back to your community how you can.

Heck if you have little energy like my mom did- she just was not like my Dad who was happy and WANTED to be busy all the time; there is still some talent you have that can help others. My mom would sew clothes that were sent to orphanages. It delighted her to design beautiful dresses knowing some little girl having a real hard time would at least get that gift and for a moment feel special.

There is a stich and knit group that meets at the retirement community. Those ladies knit or crochet hats to be given to the ICU at the hospital to keep the babies warm. Beautiful colorful hats! Believe me that when a parent is really worried about their infant that small act of love really means alot to them in the moment they see the hand made hat on their baby's head.

So I am nothing but grateful. And tomorrow will find time to finally fill out the birthday cards for my church members and mail them. Some late and some just on time for August birthdays.

I am not yet organized enough to have written them ahead of time. I need to get MORE organized and time them to go out just right to arrive on the birthdays. But heck in the birthday month is good enough for now.
One never knows who's day will be made brighter by even the smallest act of kindness.

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