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2022-08-17 - 4:25 p.m.

Wow. Hearing the NPR story on cases of child abuse based on failure to protect children.

Women have been convicted and thrown in jail in dozens of states when a man in their life hurt their kids, whether it was the father or a boyfriend.

What is crazy is some women did not know of the abuse
And in other cases the women were themselves victims of domestic violence and not empowered to be able to stop their or their kids abuse.

Carrie King is a woman who said she did all she could to protect her kids yet went to jail and lost custody to an ex husband who was granted custody.

Samantha Michaels reported for Mother Jones was interviewed about the research she had done.

I am grateful 🙏 for someone wanting to find and tell stories of women who have been mistreated by our courts and processes which are mysogonistic and sexist.

There is this bizarre history in some policy abd courts that it us the mother who sold has duty to protect kids and to be the moral center of family. It is believed her job to also manage the men's bad behaviors which men are easily forgiven of as the biases have accepted violence as part of masculinity to a degree. Yet no system wants to say its OK to abuse kids so they carve out this punishment that us used historically to excuse men's behavior while punishing women so there is some accountability and systems can be seen as tough on abuse of kids.

It's messed up.

One woman given 30 years for failure to protect whereas the abusing man was convicted with two years in jail.

Think about that.
Criminalization of imperfect mothering
and not much accountability for actual abuser.

Glad my kids are raised and OK overall!!

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