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2022-08-18 - 5:56 p.m.

I am happy I finished painting the back steps to the back porch today after work. It had been rainy the past few days so couldn't make progress.

I ran out of the Thompson Water Sealant I bought and have not yet finished the whole porch. I need to buy another can to finish two out of the three sides of railing slots and the main porch floor itself. I finished the long side ( its a rectangle and against the house on the 4th side), and the steps and the lattice work above the porch rails ( I think on both sides? Lattice at least on the one side- maye have to do the other I honestly don't recall. I don't remember painting that now that I think about it.)
The hand painting of those rails and the lattice is the biggest part of the job which takes the most time. I can use a roller for the floor of the porch which will go much quicker.

So almost there!
I just laughed at those You Tube Videos that made it look like it is a one day job to clean and stain a porch.

I can't imagine getting this done in one day!
But then again it had been super hot and I just couldnt' keep working after a certain point so did small sections at a time of this job.

It is SO NICE that it has cooled down a bit. High today was 85 which was just perfect weather. I mean it was ten degrees hotter when I was last painting or doing the prep work of cleaning.
What a difference!

This felt like a slow week of not much happening. But then I thought about it and had to change perspective.
Not much happened as far as me EARNING income

BUT that is not the end all be all in life...
that is just a means to be able to enjoy the REST of life.

So the more I think about it this was acually a really lovely week.

It felt slow in a way.

But then I realized it was also pretty CHILL And stress free.
I felt like I didn't DO or accomplish much-

BUT then I realized it was actually very productive and I DID accomplish much! They were just things I really ENJOY and come easier in a way.
So I FELT like I didn't do anything.

But I realized I wrote two stories on Monday.
And at work on Sunday night, for a good hour when it was slow in the evening, I learned a new song on guitar.
Heck that is something! AS it was not HARD! It was kinda easy to look and the chords and figure a nice rhythm and pattern and play accompanying my friend the singing resident at work alone with myself.

It was really fun for me.
This guy annoyed alot of people as he is singing all the time. I like his singing and joyful nature! He doesn't have a good sense of boundaries for sure, as has some obvious issues-
but the guy overall is a happy soul who is trying to make others happy with songs and cheerful humor all the time.

I wonder why some get so irritated by his constant postiivity. I don't really understand that.

But it gets on some folks nerves.

Ce la vie.
I like the man and for me it is a pleasure to acually sing along with him and share in his joy.

On Sunday I had a nice chat with a man who is sad his Father needs hospice care as he is declining.
It was a good conversation, and I think encouraging to him. I mean what else is more important in life than being there in a moment, just listening to a man facing both the death of his best friend to cancer who has months to live and his father while watching his mother bereft and upset and not eating cause her husband was whisked off to the hospital?
The guy wanted to ask about how hospice care works. If they can accomodate and how it would work if his Dad needed oxygen tanks or an IV. He was reassured to find that yes they help folks stay comfortable in their apts where they are (where I work) as they set up that end of life care.

I think it just helped a bit. To listen and give some encouragement. He is a man of faith and I just reminded him to go with the flow and know his Dad is going to be alright-
reminded of The Lords' Prayer.
Somehow we ended up speaking about how after all the worry and interest in worldly things really it comes down to that-

Thank God for Daily Bread
and give us peace as
Thy Will Be Done.

I mean why worry when one has faith?

So this week may have felt like little was HAPPENING.
But it was a good week so far.
And yes things happened. Little shifts. Like the immunotherapy shot for my kid, I mean it is part of routine now but that is making her health better. She may not be actively doing alot, or much- but heck her body is making progress in learning how to handle the allergens better with each week.

So that is some progress for her!
I have to celebrate the small stuff.

And I may not have done a ton of business development of landed a new client yet but I did take a trip into town for errands and placed some business cards in a couple spaces. (Who knows, maybe someone will pick one up and call!)
Errands included picing up Vitamin D refill for one of the young adults paying attention to his body's needed the filled a presciption. Its great the one young adult is being responsible with self care.
That kid also got a vaccine booster whcih is great. (Good idea before back to school since he is eligible for it)
We had a delicious venison steak and roasted potatoe dinner last night ( and tonight will cook the rest of the steaks and have a sweet potatoe instant dish to whip up)- so canned beans accompanying both nights meet needs.

So yes- grateful for the daily bread so to speak-
and the fact we are really blessed.

And it has been very peaceful and quiet at home.

And this week my older recent grad started her teaching job.

I look forward to chatting with her to hear how that went!
She unfortunately had caught Covid just about a week and half ago! She was supposed to start training last Thu and Friday but was still healing and resting. She was very grateful for the anitviral that a Dr. did order for her, especially as with her other health issues she said that made a huge differnce . (Likely the difference between needing to be hospitalized and being able to stay home and rest and ride it out for her.) So glad that she was able to recover enough to go to work this week but look forward to catching up to see how she is doing and how the week went.

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