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2022-08-18 - 7:31 p.m.

I was surprised my leg kinda gave out on me when I went to walk my dog. I had recently finished painting and that old injury just acted up again.

Not sure why that happens! Its not like I overexereted by running or swimming. I suppose maybe just the way I had to sit for painting the porch steps could have turned my leg just the right way to pull that groin muscle and strain it? OR maybe it has something to do with the shoes I wore today-
I was sitting at a reception desk most of the day , although I do get up a bit here and there.

In any case it was disappointing as I planned on walking the dog then doing some housecleaning, dinner then more straightening cause I do have company coming tomorrow afternoon.

I didn't have time yet to do other than the normal laundry and dishes and typical pick up.
I still have the extra project of pulling out grout. The MoldX my friend gave me thinking it would help clean the AC unit I just tossed will come in handy as I clean after pulling up all the old grout in the house- then re-grout.

Maybe I can get that task done without the leg being to irritated. Yes
will try that-
but I rested after the abbreviated walk and then doing a couple of the physical therapy exercises. The muscle was so bound it was like I couldn't walk moving forward without the leg buckling so had no choice but to walk sideways! (One exercise!) It was funny how I COULD move doing the side to side exercises but when walking forward the muscle was giving out.

In other words there is no way the house is getting cleaned.

So either I get a good night's sleep and awake in the morning and have a good hour of power cleaning OR have energy to do a quick hour and a half of straightening cleaning
OR My gentleman friend is AGAIN going to see the unadultered REALITy Of how we live.

That may not be a bad thing.
No pretense.

I just have no energy to do anything much tonight.
Not really hopeful for an energy burst in the AM. I mean I do have to be at work at 7am!

This morning I was awakened from a deep sleep and in the middle of a dream by Bellatrix barking at a neighboring dog she heard. I was so annoyed with her, especially as then when she continued to pester me and I realized she really needed to go outside anyway and it was close to 6 ( just minutes like only three minutes before anyway at the alarm was set for 6 am). I was so aggrevated til realized the alarm was about to wake me anyway so I really DID need to get up.

But then I brought her downstairs, and my bad mood was worsened by the HUGE overflowing pile of dishes in the double sink. I mean why the heck can't the folks here EVER think to unload a dishwasher of clean dishes and fill the dirty to run them?? I just hopes the nocternal beings who awoke late in the day and were active at night might have cleaned the kitchen. I mean I thought it would be obvious that if it needs to be done that someone might get motivated to do it.
they never do.
I honestly don't get it. I mean why the heck does it not BOTHER them or do they not even NOTICE

I mean how can the not mind piling them up in an overflowing sink? IT is just so contrary to order. I can't stand it.
I don't understand how they can STAND the kitchen being such a HUGE MESS.

It makes me crazy to see it such a state. I feel COMPELLED to clean.

So I did. And then mopped the floor too after taking care of the dishes.

And then put some of my clean laundry away and I did not even have the time for the intended leisurely morning dog walk as I had to rush to be ready to be on time for work.

The oldest of this crew was awake and I asked him to walk the dog. He came up and asked if I would make eggs like I did yesterday but I said NO as I had no time this morning.

SIGH... I really did want to leisurely enjoy a cup of coffee and breakfast and a nice walk.

Ce la vie.
I suppose I did not need breakfast as I wasn't even really hungry til lunchtime anyway.

I am just bitching. I tried not to HA HA Which is why I wrote the earlier post today trying to see all the positives. but now also just venting cause it kinda stinks to not have the energy to get the things done NOW that I wanted to get done. OK enough complaining. Off to find a razor-- what are those things call-- oh yeah a box cutter will do (the tool has another name... not coming to me now) and just hope that the weird random pain and binding up of muscle that likely needs to be worked on to get loosened doesn't give too much trouble while I move just enough for that task. I do have a roller and can do some more exercises on it.

I am also just kinda bummed as I came to sit and relax I logged onto Facebook and of course TOMORROW NIGHT
it has to be tomorrow.....
I was SO EXCITED To see that salsa batcha class and dance party is happening that I used to go to often on Friday nights at the place I went to!

I have not been there in YEARS and I was so excited and thinking maybe tomorrow my friend and I could go there! AH in the first seconds of seeing the post that was my thought as...
forgot the pain of the leg
and then quickly realized that is not very likely I am going to be up for dancing. BUT MAYBE--- who knows
tomorrow is another day.
It's just annoying as usually if I have a moment like this it is after I overdid it- like went for a run or a hard swim. I mean I did not do anything like that to pull this muscle and have it so uncorfortable Super disappointing as I thought the injury had finally healed.

Well Drinking elecrolytes.
Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.... helps all healing...
and onto getting what I can done anyway...

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