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2022-08-22 - 2:52 p.m.

So happy to get email from my client

"It's been slow. Alot of people on vacation"


The slow down in work sent to me is just time of year and not based on anything else.

Not being part of their weekly team meetings that validation is really apprechiated!

I do really like this client. Especially now that I did my due diligence of knowing the owner REALLY IS A NAVY SEAL!


I mean I so loved working with their leadership team.

Its funny cause they are all acutually really obviously politically conservative. BUT I don't give a hoot about someone's politics being different from mine ( in any relationships really- friendships or work) unless they are not ACCEPTING of my own differences.

It is when someone's views are based on FEAR and cross the line into discrimination only that I have a problem.

Ignorance (HA HA from my view...) can be forgiven.

Bigotry I want no part of.

So my only fear was someone wanted me out of there due to their own homophobia and fears.

And even if that is the case I care less about that than their integrity of at least respecting the quality of my work.

Honestly if not a good fit as my presence , using THEY pronouns when talking of my kids...and the little hints of me being what they consider a "snowflake" freaked them out so they were uncomfrotable and didn't want me at their table eVERY day

if they keep engaging me to do work and pay me for good work and don't make up and BS about MY QUALITY OF WORK..

Its a small business and at some level I am OK with a small business wanting to be comfortable at their inner table of who they sit with EVERY DAY.

I am not going to force them to grow and change and be TOO UNCOMFORTABLE

but also am not going to hide who I or my family is.

But the thing I loved about this company was their absolute integrity of being honestly who THEY EACH ARE.

That is- the one owner ( and there were a few so not calling out any in particular ) would unbashdly share HIS strong opinions
and the team just politely accepted him as he is
and then the other owner I swear was on that spectum and doesnt always have the best social skills but is freaking brilliant

I mean the kind of person who analysed everything

and this company somehow knew how to navigate AS A GROUP GROUP DECISIONS
and they each knew when to pull back and let the others lead.

I still feel like someone wanted to get rid of me rashly out of fear and they mitigated by coming up with a compromise

In other words one of them was transphobic
and it became clear I have a trans kid...
and was vocal on my social media

BUT I have such respect for the whole leadership team how they navigate the one owner ( who I still like! ) that can be rash in decisioing.

ANd am so happy they are going to still send me work.

Just the week without none when my damn phone died ( I mean it rings so infrequently! And they HAVE MY OTHER # so it should not stress me.... it will be back on soon enough. Hell in past I had MISPLACED IT FOR DAYS to see ZERO calls missed!! HA HA)

Just the email back from her that its slow cause all out on vacation is SO VALIDATING.

Hell I LOVE The chill vibe of this company frankly. It is opposite of my type A NATURE.
OPPOSITE the other company I need to talk to the CEO who did send me an enthusiastic message on Linked in that she defineatly will reach out for support.
I MEAN I WILL HAVe more clients...
I trust she meant it.


AND my type A is learning to enjoy this break.

OK off to a Dr, Appt with a kid now. This is why I am doing what I am doing. I can take kid to allergist twice a week; and a specialist also this week, and DMV for a driver test for other one.
SEE progress for all is happening.. just slowly.

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