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2022-08-24 - 8:48 a.m.

Next pharmacy run I am going to ask for Narcan
Just to have on hand.

I mean we all should just keep in in our car glove boxes ( unless your state makes that illeagal)

it has tolerence to temp changes.
Found some articles saying up to 104 F Ok!
and -20 F

That means OK to keep in my car. I meant to do this and forgot but wanted to wait til the heat wave passed as I intend to get it to keep in the car.

Friend's daughter died on Mother's Day. She died after rehab and I am sure it was cause her heart was weak. Years of drug dependency and her system was used to that state- in a way the addicts body starts running on the drugs jump starting certain thing
so when they detox it is not only the DTs you see but the internal organ functioning that is so disrupted by the REMOVAL of a substance the body acclimated to be in it ....
OR she relapsed. The risk of death after detox is there for opiod users as after detox what was a recreational tolerable dose their body was used to in past--- after detox
CAN KiLL due to OD
That may be what happened. Hell if a user comes out of rehab and there was some stash no one else knew of and it was not actually a drug free home

Hell the addict is at high risk.

Regardless of the how and why
My friends absolutely beautiful daughter and loving mother was dead in her own home the day after returning from a rehab program.

She tried SO HARD to be a good mother and had been making such good choices in recent years to carve out a good life for her family.

She had a partner who had a son; and he and his son and her daughter and a dog had been there with her on this journey. Her boyfriend's parents loved and supported her and had paid for the rehab program. She had at one point gone with her dog on a long Appalachian Trail Hike to get herself clean ( I think it worked for a bit) but then relapsed

Her mother sold all she could years ago to get her into a rehab program when she was in her young 20s. The community rallied in support. There was a fundraiser- actually held at the very church I go to now. A concert and silent auction to raise the 30K for a private rehab program. So this community literally loved and supported this family; this beautiful girl who became a mom and who died

* I just found this window open as I am getting hungry and shutting down for lunch after a morning of working to best of ability. I think I did make one excellent connection just by reading Linked In and responding to a terriffic post! The poster accepted my request to connect and we had a good chat. She runs a company teaching folks how to prepare proposals to win federal business. My former Life Coach had reposted and article she wrote and commented on it. It was a great article! I was one of his early clients ( YEARS AGO.. Maybe 15 years ago?) HE since has grown his business and has nine counselors and other life coaches ( 12 I think?) Working out of his office; and office staff. He apparently won a 5 million dollar contract at some point! I assume providing counseling services ( guessing to VA or something like that). So this person who posted has been insturmental in him scaling his business !

OK point I was going to add here was -

AT LEAST this time when I wrote and then got distracted and moved onto other things; I did not fail to save when stopped writing or ACCIDENTALLY closed the window and lost the entry.

Maybe it iis just because I am writing often that has been happening ALOT lately! Heck like Law of Averages... the more I write the more obvious the ADHD moments are to me.
Saving this as I swear starting to doze...
maybe a nap before I eat.

I SO WANT TO head to a coffee shop for change of scenery. Wanted to go to one in a differnt town but feeling like HELL have to wait til paid my next check and pay the damn mortgage before even spending gas money. Even a $3 coffee could be a bad decision and the $5 for gas if when I get my check I then ended up $ shot!!!

I could run the numbers.. do the math to see what I expect this Friday...

But tired...
So just not going to the coffee shop I THOUGHT about visiting. It has the art from our visual arts program hung however it is to be removed soon. I kinda wanted to get there before that happens.

Ce la vie.. If I don't see it hung there it is not the end of the world. BUT THEN AGAIN... I think every day... If I get out I MIGHT Meet someone who is a connection for work!
That doesn't happen when home ( OK it just did via Linked IN..) Rather that in person meeting cant happen if I am working from home..

NAP time now...

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