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2022-08-25 - 6:13 p.m.

I just ordered pizza for the family. Heck I had a $20 off your first Uber Eats order, and we are down to making meals with the canned goods. I bought a loaf of bread and a block of motzerella as we made pasta last night and then OF COURSE after opening a can of tomatoe sauce found one already opened in the back of the fridge.

We had one frozen pizza crust to make pizza sitting in the freezer for months. So I finally got the cheese figuing we would make that. But then I saw the coupon and figured ( since my credit card worked at the grocery store- meaning the payment made this month brought it back UNDER its limit I had hit- It has a rather Low limit of $3000 so I can't go crazy in debt....)

Well I decided the kids deserve a treat once in a while. Might as well use the coupon and order some good food as the good pizza place in town was the best option on Uber Eats!

They will enjoy that. I did order a salad as i swear when I order a salad in it is the only time they all eat salad!! One pizza, breasticks ( yeah the cheesy breadsticks are always a bargain compared to pizza- with pesto sauce this time instead of marinara on side); and a salad after the delivery and tip came to $19 It would have been double without the coupon ( just about. I hate cheap tippers but was a kinda cheap tipper cause this place is literally across the street - not across town; And on such a tight budget. I mean I gave 3.5 I usually tip more...
I know the tip is supposed to be on the bill BEFORE discounts. I have this disdain of cheap tippers. I really do so I kinda feel bad.
OOPS I tipped on the total bill AFTER discount
NOT before...
and honestly I was stressing on spending any money and then got cheap. SIGH...

Darn I think I just didn't think that through long enough as honeslty should have left the driver $5...

Next time...
I think just moved to quickly.

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