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2022-08-30 - 2:24 p.m.

Darn 2:30 already
I connected and had a nice chat with June.
I feel better having talked to her.
She sounds like doing well.

She said she is paying more out in CA for a storage unit than she paid here in NoVA to rent a room.

BUT she said it is still the right choice for her as she chose what to sacrifice to live in the environment that works for her.
I mentioned I could sell this house and buy one in Western NY and she said "yeah but do you want to live in that extreme cold weather?"

FOR HER I think the climate makes a huge difference in her mental health. She recognized she does so much better when in the SUN and also interestingly I think by water. I think she literally NEEDS to be on the ocean. Thus her choice to move and make it work
EVEN IF it is a challenge. She figures it is hard everywhere.. may as well be in the place where the poor are at least given health care.

Most of all I think her choice to move was informed by her body getting older and her PAIN
She needs a rotor cuff surgury it seems! It seems there they will do this for her on (whichever medicare? I forget which - medicaid? whichever it is)

She was in severe pain and after so many acting like it was in her head someone finally got an xray to see the torn muscles and examination to see the problems with range or motion and then listened to her pain

She is concerned however she can't get that procedure done if she is not able to function for the healing period. She can't imagine not having use of one arm - at least not how she lives now. He life requires such physical SET UP for each day, I imagine she has a car that is not screaming homeless-
but has everything in storage and just the essentials for night in the car tucked away
so it is not OBVIOUs as she navigates work and socially she is actually homeless.

Here she did not worry about that as she had a car her but was not concerned about the appearance (since not trying to make it here anymore!)

Her car here had everything in it until she drove out to CA.

Then she found storage so she can blend in without her living situation being OBVIOUS

She is really a remarkable person.

I mean she has friends from literally ALL WALKS OF LIFE.

Honestly the only person I know who has legitimately genuine friends like that from so many different places. spaces, situations
I mean she actually accepts people for who they are and sees the good in them in ways most of us don't do so consistently.

OK this was a break as I had to spend time organizing my own paperwork and job hunting and am now SO TIRED.

Was about to fall asleep. I might go to the coffee shop to rejuvinate, grab a free cup of coffee and get alittel more done. ( just cause need to look for work for my former co worker - and touch base call with him to be sure he is still in job market. If I find work for him BEFORE anyone else he and I will work together on any proposal to submit him for it )
Maybe a quick short nap first?
BUT Have to make my list so I think of the prioritization:

I have to get the basement ready to rent as we are going to list it FRIDAY.

Short lead time- makes me tired just thinking of it. BUT I have to devote time to job hunting BEFORE I dig into the work.

Here is priority of TO DO:

1, SWAP OUT THE BASEMENT DOOR NOB so it has the one with a LOCK And KEY.
I should get a new one,
This is imortant for safety and comfort of new tenant. I just don't want anyone else to have ever had the key that someone else had. It makes me KNOW it is a secure space. I might just swap with the one I have and once the tenant moves in and get first payment that goes to me THEN BUY A brand new one. (simply as I have no cashflow!! Maybe can charge it? Can stop by the local hardware store and it its just $20 will buy it now and get it done as did pay credit card down below its limit so can charge just a bit.. YEAH writing makes me thing what is worth doing that for- and to get basement secure is worth using credit card.

OK so nap then hardware store that ALSO HAS a coffee shop! Have not stopped there yet. Will actually buy a cup of decaf and leave cards there and chit chat. This requires professional dress.. Short SHORT NAP
IT IS RAINING... maybe someone will go in there to get out of the rain??? Maybe meet some potential client???
Shit shy just got REAL dark.... maybe nix going anywhere as now wind is picking up.. will see after doze a few and check weather.

and behind the washer and dryer.

I do not want lint in there obviously. Noticed a nick in the vent ( *cheap plastic one!) and see lint behind the nick from inside which made it clear it is due to be cleaned at minimum. I should buy a NEW ONE and swap out a whole new vent - the acrodian type thing. CAn do that LATER but for now can at least open it up and vacume inside it then the whole outside cleaned well too.

3. Move the remaining stuff out of the storage area ( DAMN BIG JOB WILL GET IT DONE!! Tonight/tomorrow!! )


5. Rearrange furniture as the real estate agent suggested. ( REmove one bed- I have two down there in the bedroom. She may bring a frame for the one as it will look better.)

oh yeah measure window gap where there is a gap from AC unit- her hubby is going to find a solution for that. (Wood:? Something other than the blanket we stuffed there!)

OK there is my list. Think that is it.

I really did rock an get much out of the basement

OH SHIT Also have to empty the closet in the bedroom down there. My one kid left stuff in there. That alone is a couple more hours.

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