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2022-08-30 - 7:45 p.m.

YEAH!! It is evening and I finally found the VEC PIN so I can accomplish the FIRST Task I attempted to knock off my list today!

Of course the one paper one needs is always the last place one looks!

It was at the bottom of the pile of items dumped out of the bag of gathered paperwork that was stashed out of site in my bedroom. The bag sat next to my nightstand. It was papers I had in my hand at one point while on the phone when I called from my bed when tired. I occassionally do get tired and have to get something done so take paperwork tasks upstairs to make phone calls rather that sit at my desk or in the nearby easy chair in my living room to get stuff done.

The disadvantage of being really tired and choosing to do that sometimes is that the paperwork does not timely make it BACK to the filing cabinet so I can find it later.

In any case I am relieved I found the paperwork with the PIN so at least before bed I will knock off the FIRST TO DO item on today's list!
How is it going otherwise?

Well tomorrow will be a really productive day...
It has to be. The rest of the list is still there.

I neither napped nor headed to the coffee shop as I thought about doing. I decided to nix business development today (I was going to try to do just a couple hrs. I did maybe 30 minutes of looking at proposals out there for my old co worker).
I realized priority is get the basement move in ready by Friday!

Will get it done!
Once I have a tenant in here I can breathe easier as then will know I can pay the mortgage and bills each month.

Then I can kick up business development work too.
I DID get a message left today at 4:30 pm from someone who pulled my card for the same local coffee shop I first thought about visiting today! (The one that has sleeves with kind notes as they sell them to others wanting to gift a free cup of coffee to someone who really needs one!)
* Brilliant business move. They sell them for $6. When I got a cup of coffee it was one that was normally $4.35 So the store made more money off someone else's good will! WIN WIN

So brilliant I feel now like I have to help those folks that paid $6 to go to coffee and next time get a fancier drink!! HA HA

Anyway the call is not likely a client. Its a business analyst ALSO looking to build business who likely hopes I have some business intel of potential clients FOR HIM. HA HA

But what the heck... I likely will call him back after the move in is done of this new tenant thing and meet him for a cup of coffee to brainstorm and see if any way to collab.
Can't hurt. I have no money he could swindle me out of HA HA.... I am WARY of independent "financial planners" that show up in counties know to be wealthy who are "new to the area".

Those are precisely the kind who end up up being full of shit...
I mean the kind like the ones who entrench themselves in the wealthy communities first socially by getting to know everyone then steal their money.

This is the story of someone close to a dear friend of mine. Won't disclose who - but I am close to a dear sibling of one of the folks defrauded in this scandal . ( And I always wanted to make it to a LI Islanders game... to see Michael play but never did make it...)

The crazy thing is this HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

I am rather sure no one even cares to hear about the bit coin horror stories as we are all shaking our heads saying "Come on , you should have KnOWN better!! THat Etherium ship sailed LONG AGO...."

I mean .... ok won't rant about that.
(But it is cool the EARLY adopters BEFORE speculators even knew what was going on did make mad money cause they bought some shares on a whim as a JOKE based on an INSTAGRAM POST! HA HA... my oldest has a writer musician friend who NO LIE bought some Ethereum as a joke to find out years later it was actually REAL and could be cashed in to buy a freaking house. So the story goes....)
But anyone buying in the BS NOW should just know better.

Early adoption of that is over I think....
will see,,,

Maybe not. But I am glad my son is investing in OTHER THINGS too even though he played a bit in that space.

Its totally gambling.

HE was being "courted" or someone TRIED to convince him to help provide him financial management services. I told him HELL NO RUN FAST NOW and don't trust these wackos.

My bro who managed a group of investment bankers said same... the bit coin market is more scam than legit at this point; and stay away from lone financial investors. Head to a large reputable BANK or know entity if you want to hire an investor. The Merril Lych, Fidelity, Vanguard, etc,,,,

not some freelance dude working for himself. Those lone sharks are more loan sharks than not...
Bad news.

OK so back to navigating VEC to get it done this week.
Then I think to bed early to rock my day tomorrow! I just was so thrown by the sad, sad news this morning I needed to process it, talk to my friend and kinda just be and grieve myself a bit for the mind-blowing loss of both my friend's daughters. I will find the gorgeous video of the youngest singing if I still have it. I think I emailed it to her mom or texted it as some point.

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