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2022-08-30 - 5:50 p.m.

Writing again as taking a break from organizing paperwork and filing away paid bills and documents that should be kept.

I went online to complete the obligatory job hunting info and file the Virginia Unemployment Insurance Claim for last week.
I am still really not clear on if I am being awarded unemployment and they are just behind? OR if the denial was the latest decision?

It reads like the only decision there is that I am eligible?
Shows me as eligible but then does not show any awarded unemployent but the site shows my history of filings each week.

I find it so bizarre as the site says I may file a claim, and I do after each week of working part time only and job hunting
so it shows the info filed
but there has not been any payment of an award-
yet it shows an award "hypothetically" - of $378 a week minus any acutal pay earned.

Yet they have not issued me even one payment for the gap from my earnings and the so called "awarded" amount.

So today when I went in to the system it is asking for a PIN #!

I had tried to call Friday when I got a problem with the site, Then too the phone system asked for the personally identifying PIN which they MAIL to you before they will talk to you.

Its so frustrating this authenication process.

Especially as I distinctly recall being assigned a PIN when applying for unemployment in PAST years but this time did not recall any such letter with a PIN Issued.

I have paperwork SOMEWHERE from the VA employment commission. Not sure why in the cleaning up of all my paperwork I can't find that ONE thing! I have in front of me the latest correspondence- the two letters sent the SAME DAY that were opposite. One dated 8/8 with Decision of Deputy saying I was APPROVED benefits
and one also dated 8/8 with Decision of Deputy saying I was DENIED benefits!

I did file an appeal of the denial.
But now can't get into the site until I find the letter issuing me a PIN.

So I have been finally taking care of cleaning my personal desk as well as the bag of paperwork I had just compiled in my bedroom when I straighten up and just threw it all in one bag to deal with later. I also have a bin full of STUFF as well (same- it was the quick cleanup of bedroom when I had my gentleman friend come over for dinner and to spend time here with me one Friday night through Sat morning a month ago! The box was from about a month ago when he first came here one night; and the bag from the clean up two weekends ago when he came over again.)

I was very pleased with how comfortable it was having him a guest in my home. (Total aside here. But I think the fact this man is NOT homophobic; not freaked AT ALL by my kids, and legitimately was COMFORTABLE here made all the difference! So refreshing!! He was happy to just relax and walk to my neighborhood pool with me and just enjoy a relaxing dinner- watching the Mets game, chilling out with each other. It was SO NICE And SO NORMAL. So refreshing to be with someone who was not judging my family.)

SO all day long I have been doing laundry and cleaning up the messes of MY SPACES- my desk, my closet, my bedroom!

Because I have to clear out the storage unit in the basement and the closet full of my kid's things in the basement so have to find places for all that STUFF!!

This is the child who NEVER wanted to throw out ANYTHING.
She would freak out when anything of hers was even changed as a little kid. Freaked when we had a change of a new car in fact! I swear this is the kid who was more obviously on the autism spectrum in my mind- even moreso than the one now diagnosed!

So while there may be some things that it would seem obvious may be tossed... sure I will throw out obvious junk ( he is not fastidious about tossing things like wrappers at times, or boxes from things long gone...etc; there will still be plenty of stuff he need be consulted on as it MIGHT be significant to him. He is already annoyed I did a huge clean-up of my home a few years ago and donated a car full of books and some of them apparently were his favs. (I had no idea the kids would miss those kids books/ preteen fantasy fiction they read. I did not realize he wanted to keep them. True I didn't ask at the time of a major cleaning purge of the house. It was so much stuff I hauled off as the shelves were overflowing with already read books and I could not stand the depth of clutter. I reduced the book shelves from three layers in of books to one! (OK some are built up again to two layers in. One row then another row of paperbacks in front of it! That is because their DAD made them clean all their stuff from his house and the few times they visited him they came back with more things.
SO I have learned not to donate any more books or clothes without consulting them all as they were some actually missed. The gal who played baseball for ten years was furious with me that in donating old clothes that would obviously not fit anyone I also donated all her old baseball jerseys!
She came home looking to gather them all to make them into a quilt.
She was furious to discover I had purged the attic (finally!) of all the stored clothes that would not fit anyone.

I honestly did not even imagine the old t shirts were something anyone would want. It did not occur to me at all! I did feel badly about that. She instead had a quilt made with all the fraternity shirts of the fraternity she was involved in during college. It's really lovely and was her graduation present to herself!
OK all this writing is a break from the sorting and filing of the paperwork and the cleaning and tossing out things from MY spaces. The desk which was a big messy pile (hidden under its rolltop!) has been mostly cleared. This is a great writing desk along with the compartments for bills to be held and mail in a storage space. I love this desk!
The bag of stuff was sorted and emptied. The unemployment paperwork better be in the box which I did not get to! That is tucked in my closet- as has been out of site out of mind for at least a month now.
In front of my closet blocking part of my dresser and taking up a good amount of space had been two very large boxes- very sturdy and awkward and heavy when full- such that they were too big and heavy to get into my attic. I had brought them upstairs to store in my attic for my son the actor. But they made it as far as my bedroom and there they have sat since.

I had no idea what to do with the stuff in there. It felt overwealming to try to figure out how to get this stuff out of my space- and then figure out how to store the rest of the basement stuff into the attic. BUT progress is being made. The start was cleaning out my own clutter and clearing space. Next get rid of the stored stuff of my son's. At this point he said he doesn't miss anything so give it away.
I was relieved to get him on the phone and hear him say that again. ( Although I did price a pair of beautiful leather shoes and they seem like literally $1000 for georgous shoes-- so setting those aside! He did hire a stylist and literally spent $5000 on CLOTHING. he gave the guy a $5000 budget in addition to his pay to dress him back when there was the debut of his first TV show in which he is a lead and there were interviews in a crazy packed promotional schdule in major cities for a few weeks. It seems crazy to have spent that much money on clothes! But he was getting spots on TV and photo shoots at each turn. There are Getty images from each of these so it was truly a good move.
There is a gorgeous suit here still with the tags on it! He wore it for all of three hours probably! This is not crazy priced- $130 for the suit jacket; $75 for the pants- a flashy BLUE VELVET! Yet a blue velvet suit! HA HA I remember at the time he said "I might just return some of these items" and I said "Don't you DARE DO THAT! The last thing you need is to hire a publicist, invest in an image and then do the selfish prom girl thing of wearing the dress to prom then returning it the next day! HELL NO- sell second hand if you want but don't you DARE return it worn like that! That would be the WORST move for your publicity. All you need is one person to recognize the suit in a tv spot and rat out you for being cheap and your image DESTROYED." HE totally agreed.

The publicist rocked it I think! Paired some flashy cheap fashion items with some other expensive branded NYC items as accents like the well-made shoes. Hell he got it easy as he is a guy and at least did not have to drop money on designer heels and purses! If he were an actress, I swear that budget would have been recommended to be 3X as high! What is funny however is his female counterpart lead happens to be a brand ambassador for Crocs!! HA HA she wears them in Instagram spots. I am sure they are paying her well for them! She just loved wearing them all the time and they eventually started paying her from promotions! HA HA ( So the story goes.... not sure which came first... She is a pretty seasoned actress, and this was not her first show!)

Well all this rambling as I hit a stand still so to speak. Its an ADHD moment. You see I am so proud I finally unpacked One of the two huge boxes of my son's. YEAH ONE BOX REMOVED FROM MY ROOM!! Reclaiming my space! (HA HA which likely will get filled with more boxes from the basement stuff-- but not as big. Not as big...)
Over the past few weeks I have been uppacking and washing the glasses and linens they were packed in. I now have in my kitchen more wine glasses, highball glasses for drinks, and a few nice heavy kinda like think going to bruch and they give you a nice mimosa or OJ glass; In between a wine and water glass- I guess . Like a wine glass with a shorter stem...
I like those alot.
Things like milk frother, and some other beverage making thing sitting in the kitchen now.(I out them in the basement)
Rice cooker I promised to mail back to his now ex girlfriend as it was hers and she would love it back (I may pack up the beverage things too as she was a barista and will know what they are and what for! They might have been hers too).

But I can't ship anything yet...can't afford to yet.

It was such a relief to hear him say just give it away. I doled out hair products, and jeans and pants to the half siblings here. One has a nice winter coat that he said give to them. BUT there are some items I just want to CHECK on, like the blue swede suit. (He is not attached I don;t think but I want to CHECK), and another georgous patterned swede jacket with oranges and pinks and tans and it is so beautiful! My one kid tried it on and loves it but I just want to be sure he is really OK with giving that one up.

HA HA I just googled to see if there were photos in that jacket.. cause I think I recall one...
and up popped this..
I mean I thougth it was hilarious someone could buy a poster of my kid-

but this find is even funnier!

HA HA HA,...
"....At Celebrity Cutouts we have a huge range of famous personalities to suit every occasion, including Celebrity Masks and Life Size Cardboard Cutouts. Please take a look at our other listings or get in touch if you can't find what you are looking for."

Hilarious- a life-sized cut out of him and his TV MOM!! Ha ha....
so funny to me. I mean who would buy this???

And no I do not see a picture of this suit jacket. It looks fly on the sibling...
I wanted to find my phone and text a photo of the blue suede suit and the other jacket and a few other items like a red leather jacket; a brown bomber jacket and just be sure he doesn't want any of them.

He lives in a warmer climate now and doesn't need the coats for the NY winters. So it is likely fine. He said give it all away.

I need the space.

OK- gonna get back to unpacking the rest of the 2nd massive box of his that was never even opened to see what is inside. Then will keep at it cleaning out MY CLOSET till my clutter and his crap is OUT OF MY ROOM! YEAH!!

THEN I will relocated the college student's stuff from the basement closet to boxes in the attic.

THEN I will attack the storage space. My oldest son has TWO BIKES and a BASS GUITAR and an amp and a microphone and some studio recording stuff I think.

Oh my... items to figure out what to do with. I have just old crappy bikes here that served me well enough but that I didn't worry about getting rained on ( even though I did cover them!) My old boyfriend years ago paid all of $100 for the one used. I have been riding it ever since! Heck I have had that bike since 2007!! That was 15 years ago! Same one I just cleaned the chain on. I have had new chains and tires put on it periodically. The old Trek bike I had got tossed once it was beyond repair.
The bikes in my basement in storage however are NICE. I would not want to store them outside. I honestly think this front foyer which has SHOES in a shoe rack is going to have two bikes in it. I told all the kids to identify shoes they wear and I told the college student take what shoes they wear as I am going to TOSS all these old sneakers and shoes no one still wears.

OK back at it. Just needed a break as no idea where the heck the cell phone landed. I called and did not hear a ring... and yet I was on it with my son just a couple of hours ago. If I don't find it screw the redundancy and my kids here are just getting more new clothes. Heck he is following the Buddist non attachment for real...

I asked already. I should trust. All but the $1000 Italian Leather shoes ( I found them priced on line at Nortstrom some time back when I first opened the box and what like "Shit this is expensive stuff. What do i DO with this???")
I found just one small box of personal things to save.

The box included the memorial for his acting teacher Charles Tuthill among some photos of his now ex girlfriend. I did not go through it. Those were at the top. It is personal and I will put it in my closet undisturbed until I get it to him.

I know that is important. I recall taking he and his then girlfriend out to eat at a diner and asking them about school. His girlfriend told me about their teacher and it was this wonderful and weird and funny endearing story.

So since this teacher was a master who taught so many places and the relationship he had was with so many actors (he was Bradley Cooper's personal acting coach and was so proud of the work Bradley did on The Elephant Man)- this is personal but I feel can be shared in tribute to the wonderful teacher/mentor who helped my son along his path of his career.

The one small box to be saved. The rest is all going to be enjoyed by someone else.
Now to go tear up my own closet and purge. I have to get rid of more of MY THINGS and make it more manageable and less cluttered since undoubtedly in this process of cleaning will be heading to the thrift store!

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