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2022-09-05 - 9:02 p.m.

Well thank God today was another day off work because I really needed this day to just rest. I was so tired all day. I did get the porch painted! Sucess with two cans of paint that were mixed together. One was literally 10 years old, and the other about 6 years old I am guessing. ( So much for the 5 yr warranty! Ha The porch needed re-painting after 3 years! Then it sat for three more until I finally got to it!)
It was one of those procrastination things- it just seemed like such a daunting big job I kept putting it off.

It now looks-- well truth be told, only "good enough"! HA Good enough for now. It really needs to have color and thicker paint that covers cracks and divets in the wood on the steps and the sides.
But it looks way better than before even if not perfect.

I honestly just had zero energy today and actual joint pain. I was not up for getting much done. I needed to rest and hope tomorrow I feel more energetic and then can finish straightening the living room which is the entrance to the house and where anyone who wants to look at my basement for rent would have to walk through. The next step is clean out my attic! I need to go up there and figure out what may be thrown out and pull it out to trash!! Then I will have room in the attic to store the things that are now in my super cluttered living room which has been stored in the basement.
I mean today was really a lost day.
I just was so damn tired.

I did get home at 1 AM on Sat night after going to the music festival and then volunteering working until midnight! Then there were dishes in the sink so I loaded them so that they would not be there in the AM. Sunday morining I was up at 8:30 so didn't really get the sleep I need. I went to church at 9 and came home and then painted the porch. So it was a really full day!
My legs were aching last night and I had real trouble sleeping due to to the pain. I suppose it was all the walking and standing as I volunteered and was in the parking lot directing traffic out as they left the music festival as my job. It was worth it as I heard my favorite band ( Justin Trawick and the Common Good really do rock!). I was pleased to find a festival that offered a free admission ticket for the day in exchange for volunteering.
My college cross country coach always said that when you lose sleep it hits not the very next day, but the following day. Boy does that hold true for me!

So off to bed now and hope tomorrow I have energy and the pain in my legs and joints is better.
Ah I just thought it would make sense to take an ibuprofin or aleve so I can sleep better tonight. I am sure there is swelling and I don't feel like it has gone away on its own.
Heck this is just normal as getting old I suppose ( that is when rhumetoid arthritis unfortunately runs in the family! Some day I suppose I will actully get the Dr. To run the requisite tests to identify it.)

I did dance a bit too! There was a period where it was slow and the volunteer coordinator told me to go her the band and come back later. I happily did so! I got to listen to another really good band that has the whole place dancing and I certainly enjoyed dancing along with the crowd

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