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2022-09-06 - 11:04 p.m.

Its been a really productive day.

I felt compelled to give updates since I made the TO DO List!! HA HA

I did not attack that to do list.
I totally got sidetracked by doing OTHER things. It is almost like my ADHD brain kicked into oppositional defiance of my own self today! (HA HA)
like I have trouble even following My OWN self directed instructions and plan.

Such the ADHD brain!

But in seriousness... at some point I realized I was just getting super focused and very productive on all the PAPERWORK stuff I had to get done so figured keep going- and I also realized when I walked my dog my joints were still a bit painful. Walking hurt whereas staying in bed working on my computer getting other things done did not hurt. So I got SOME of the physical work done on house but very little and focused on the work I could do on the computer.

OH SHIT I Forgot to send the client the monthly status report... CRAP That is cause I didn't go back to the TO DO LIST. That really was item #2 right?

OK That has to be done TOMORROW!!

I really did rock at the REST of the paperwork. DAMN that seems again like oppositional definance mode of refusing to do the stuff someone else wants done!!

I plum forgot about that one- that goal and intention of delivering the report early in the day! I DID log onto that work email for my company to check in and see if any assignments came in from my one client. No work came in...
and not any interesting emails or leads either.

I really just did not have my business hat of working on my own company stuff today. That is for Thu and Friday of this week.

I have to get the house in order and did have to get some other things done.

SO The final thing accomplished today besides in the end TWO actual good phone interviews (YUP I swear just after writing last the phone rang and I had a inital recruiter interview and was submitted for another decent job)

I decided since I was bitching earlier about the really ridiculous denial of coverage for my kids bloodwork solely based on their trans identiy-
to go ahead and file an Office of Civil Rights complaint.
First I asked my kid if they wanted to do it. Basically after dinner I picked up my mail and therein was a letter from Anthem stating that a medication for my kid was approved. The last page of that approval letter had the legally required info that if feel civil rights were violated once can file a grievance. I read that and thought- we fucking SHOULD file a grievance because I am still really upset at getting that $377 bill for fucking routine bloodwork. My kid said NAh- but you can do it! So I did.

So that is done! It feels good to have gotten that filed tonight.
I ate dinner and then just cranked out the complaint. I actually had to do it twice as there was some glitch but I am really focused today so just started over.

I sent emails to Delegate Roem and Senator Jennifer Wexton to let them both know of the current status of Anthem in relation to theircurrent NON compliance with House Bill 1429 and to thank them for their support of decency.
I mean it is ridiculous that routine blood work would be covered for anyone for any reason but that Anthem would then deny it ONLY for the trans person cause the diagnosis was "gender dysphoria" with the statement "your plan's benefits don't cover this kind of care"
I Call bullshit.
This kind of care is basic blood work.
I mean it is just bigotry to not provide healthcare to someone- this is basic healthcare - because not everyone wants that person to exist as they are.
Let someone take care of their body and their health as they want. It is just fucking bullshit to deny care because you don't like their trans identity.

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