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2022-09-07 - 11:01 a.m.

Well I invoiced my one client for all of the 1.5 hrs work done in Aug.

That is really all they sent me! Just simple easy docs to review the first week of Aug that really took little time.

Such is life.

I am still grateful for the little bit of money earned once they pay my invoice.

I should have invoiced by the 5th of the month!

I was late and that was a mess up on my part. Considering the holiday I figured OK To sent by 6th! BUT THEN I did not stick to my TO DO and plum forgot about it until late last night.

CE la vie.

It is ALREADY 11 AM and so far I have now checked off only item #2 on YESTERDAY's TO DO List.

Going to re-visit it.
I got dishes done this AM and the trash out. That was about it! Then rescheduled an allergy appt for kid as it was during time I picked up a shift at the retirement community.
Medical management, scheduling my appts was done yesterday. Today I am relieved to see my mortgage payment finally cleared by bank!

and the paymen for hte supplemental home insurance policy- which I really need to keep up as it will be used to replace my heat pump ( once I have the cash for the copay I will have to pay!). I didn't want them to fix an old freon system and then sell me freon and keep an old outdated environmental hazard running so said NO when that is what they SAID they were going to do at first. It was BS. My neighbor just got a new system using one of these home supplemental insuance policies.

I reviewed the regs and I was correct the laws changed but I was wrong that they were effective as of JULY THIS Year. It is July 2023 when they can no longer sell the older environmental hazards in VA and have to have higher SEER ratings. The law passed a few years ago but there was a gradual implementation until the freon systems can not be either repaired or sold anymore. NEXT JULY is the time.

I just was not going to pay to have that crappy system repaired OR pay a co pay for them to give me the lowest grade builder system they still have in stock they want to get rid of before they are obselete. Those too are shitty for the environment,

So I held out.

I was intending to just purchase a better system open market with my tax refund. But truth be told it is financially much better for me that I did not do that. Maybe the tax refund NOT coming was a blessing! As now when the IRS finally does get around to my return I expect that cash to show up when I really need it!! So glad it was not spent on a new heat pump. I can't really afford to shop for the better system and pay for it! will just accept whatever the home insurance company chooses when do get it replaced by them next JULY! *Yes will wait til that July 1 cut off. That way I don't get the crappy old stuff. (I did have a really great estimate. About $6500 for a really good system from the FIRST vendor who was sent to do the TUNE up of my system and said it was not worth it- it needed replacement. Honestly that vendor thought the home warranty company would send him the replacement job. I would have then had to just pay the co pay. But then the Home warranty sent ANOTHER Vendor to get their opinion! One who said it could be repaired! They were being cheap... Well then I shopped around to see what I could buy open market and the first vendor then gave me that $6500 quote. They really did give me the best product and price open market. They included $1000 discount as they could get that from the insurance company- an affilate member thing.)

OK so the payment for that home warranty is being processed and I will be sure to keep that policy active so can get that job done next summer! We are fine through the winter running on the auxilarly back up system. My bills honeslty were not that high this past winter and the heat pump/AC Were broken LAST summer too! We made it through two summers now without AC so that makes me think keep the home warranty active and hold out until next July and then push them to fix it. This is on my mind I got a call from the Home warrantycompany as they tried to pull the payment from my account yesterday and it did not go through. It says PENDING on their web site as I am sure they will just auto try again and today it will go through. So the good news is the money I pulled from the IRA covers that.

Just hope the co pay for the new med is less than $50 or out of luck in picking it up!

I think I should a COVID Test. Maybe this lack of energy and the pain of past few days is not cause overidid it? Just occurred to me that while the music fesival was super fun and I liked the chill vibe of all these super nice families; that at some point I realized it was actually a really CAtholic event. I mean there were all families with packs of kids. AS in my 6 not at all unusual!

My oldest told me "you were at a Quiverfull gathering!"
She thought it was so funny and could not wait to tell her friend who grew up in a Southern Quiverfull family about it. She had mentioned her really cool friend who is such a nice person and how he has described growing up and explained the community he lived in. He now lives in Pittsburg and I think was part of the MFA program that she graduated from. He is a gay man, now living his best life in the city but he does have great respect for his family and their values and his upbriniging.


I mean the festival was so peaceful. It was so weird to be at a music festival that felt like it was a bunch of hippies with all these kids but no sign of pot and very little alcohol. The Beer tent remained rather empty all day and then at night- I mean around 9pmish it suddenly was packed! It was so funny to me as that tent had Irish music and Irish dancers all day long and I was perplexed why no one was really listening to them. They were SO GOOD!!! I mean it was weird- Where were the old Irish Drunk guys? OR the young typically hansdome Irish overinsulding and enteraining with storytelling?? Not there- all the young to middle aged good looking men were walking around with gaggles of children as appendages. I swear I saw more dads with the pack of kids than mom's that day. The mom's must have had some event planned to give them all a break Sat afternoon! ( Not kidding there were dad's with six kids or more everywhere!) I had commented to my friend Bob on all the families and said "I wonder are Dead shows like this now? A bunch of aged hippies still coming to the shows but with kids in tow?"
I was thinking how funny that would be.
I caught on it was Catholic centric when they were raffling off a statute of Mary. Damn to be honest I wished I had a dollar for the raffle !
No kidding...
There were vendors and I noticed they were religious based art.
It was truly such a lovely event. I did notice there were literally three black persons only that I saw. One performing; and two in the crowd which was rather odd to me. But then again this was a music festival in the middle of the mountains out in country in Southern VA. I mean not that surprising I guess. I have read that music is truly one of the most segregated events in the U.S.! Similar to churches. Read that I think in an article about Dave Matthews if not mistaken, by a black gal who loves that band and does go to the shows and noted she is one of the few black audience members.

It just seems so weird after having mostly heard live music in a diverse city, where even if segregated in where folks live- music is the one space NOT segregated where all congregate together. I think that is why when I go elsewhere I am always surprised by that difference. I don't understand how music could NOT be unifying and draw all sorts of people! MAybe just an issue of who HEARS about it. Where and when and how the marketing is done?
Anyway here is some info on quiverfull- which I never heard of until my oldest mentioned it. I think she told me of this first when I talked of some kid on From the Top who was an incredible violinist as she grew up out in the midwest on a farm living in a cabin literally without running water. Her story was fun as she was thrilled to be travelign to play her violin. She and her siblings basically played music all the time! It was what they did. IT was a wonderful story how supportive her family was of her ventuing into the world to perform.

So here is a bit on the Quvierfull movement in link below.. Interesting. OH main point was I should take a COVID test cause these folks may also be some of the same who fell for the weird Q ANON movement, anti vaxers etc... My one friend from DC who is really spiritual and tapped into a bunch of different spiritually focused spaces could not believe how many religious folks were into that QAnon nonsense.
I saw literally only ONE OTHER MASK at this festival! And it was on the one lone black gal!! HA HA
So yeah it was likley a super speader event.
I am just TIRED more tired than usual with a bit more muscle and joint pain so honestly doubt I caught COVID.... I mean not nearly as sick as when caught a flu and don't feel SICK
just a bit more tired than usual. Wiped out.
I think I am just wiped out from pushing myself for days to get alot done and then hit the moment where I need to recharge and it is taking me more than one day of rest. Been two so far!! this is day three of slow going.
BUT just in case I will pull out that test to be sure this is not low level fighting that bugger.

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