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2022-09-13 - 2:27 p.m.

I have to say I love that job hunting is so easy in a way. I love that recruiters just call me from my resume being posted everywhere and I don't really have to make a ton of effort to have at least two recruiter interviews a week.

I DO make effort in addition to that. BUT there are some days where this passive job hunting is a real blessing so I can actually focus on other things and still get job hunting done even when I had no intention of it.

Today I had my mammogram appointment and decided to celebrate my birthday by going to a coffee shop I have not yet visited that was on my bucket list.

I splurged for the $6 after leaving a tip and also getting a chocolate chip cookie with my coffee.

It was my "Artist Way Date" with self- my own celebration of my birthday to sit in a cofee shop and spend $6 of the last $7 cash in my bank account on my pleasure while I sat and read a novel for a few hours.

I feel like this nurturing of self is important.
I used to not take time for it.

I was asked to bring my guitar to the health fair open house that the retirement community has happening tomorrow.
They also have the local music shop coming to have some additional entertainment. I am however an example of the kind of staff they have! HA I guess the residents and management really do love that I bring my guitar and strum and sing along with residents on the weekends as I work my shift.

I had a staff who did that when I managed a group home and honestly she was one of my favs. OH I thought of her first, but I ALSO had a profressional musician who worked night shifts during the week. He gigged on weekends so he had a pretty consistent nocturnal lifestyle and he too was one of my fav staff members. He however didn't play for residents as often as she did as the gal was full time and worked evenings Monday through Friday. She often would bring the guitar and strum and sing the residents just enjoyed that after dinner. I am still friends and follow her on Facebook and Instagram where she occassionally posts a song. She indeed was an inspiration and motivation for me to learn guitar!

So after reading this morning, a bit of job hunting and my Dr. appt I am going to spend the rest of today devoted to my creative writing and guitar playing.

I am hopeful to find a job that maintains this kind of balance in life with time to continue those pursuits!

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