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2022-09-14 - 6:50 p.m.

ADHD moment of the week:
In scheduling an interview I needed to communicate when available. I checked my schedule for next week and I have on my calendar-
for BOTH Monday and Tuesday of next week; the scheduled Ultrasound which my OB/GYN ordered.

Sheesh it is one of those days. I have no idea which one. I will have to call tomorrow to confirm. Not sure how I managed to put it on the calendar TWICE. I likely made a mistake and realized it then tried to fix it but forgot to delete the error. No recollection now.

This week has been decent although today I was exhausted for the dumbest reason.

I just stayed up too late!

I had taken some photos with this nice Nikon SLR camera that was my son's. He said he didn't want it back and anyone who wanted it could use it. I first picked it up and recalled my oldest was given a camera similar to ( if not the same exact model) years ago for her high school graduation. Her grandmother borrowed it and it got stolen from the apt her grandmother lived in. ( She was in assisted living community- and yes that shit unfortunately does happen! It sucks when dishonest folks take jobs as caretakers of other and take advantage.)

Her grandmom used the camera and had it in the apt and then it disappeared.

My son picked this one up in NYC years later. He last used it in NYC and there was a memory chip in it. I did watch some fun video of the performance of the band he and his friends in his acting company created. The had one gig at a NYC club and they rocked the place with their original tunes! Full house all dancing. They took turns leading the songs; but for one song he was the lead singer and he was shirtless acting like a rock star. HA HA HE is actually proud of how he worked that show! It was super fun to watch actually as they did get the crowd pumped and he really did do that well.

One of the auditions he did not land a part in was actually the rock opera written around Alanis Morrisette. He was short listed but didn't land it.. He was in another rock opera at a regional theater company which was the story of Dracula and it was so good. He actually had to play both guitar and drums in that rock opera.

Oh so fun! My kids now have a bunch of clothes that used to be the older boy's and when watching a clip from that rock opera I just saw the awesome velvet jacket one of my kids now has here- a hand me down from big bro ( from the box of clothes that had to be unpacked and emptied as needed the space for the OTHER kid's stuff to be stored who just moved out of the basement). That fly jacket was one of the costumes in the punk rock opera! HA HA

Punk rock kinda goth clothing definately fits the vibe of my 20 yr old here now! HA HA

So apt.

That show outside of Philly was in 2018 and honestly it remains one of my favorite pieces of theater I have ever seen.

So last night I moved photos I had already moved off the sd card from the camera to my computer into a Facebook album and it took HOURS. I mean the upload time felt like FOREVER...
I had to wait.. and wait...
I did not mind as reading a really terriffic novel. But I started this project too late ( maybe 8pm?) and I swear it was around 1 AM when it was done.

I mean we do have slow internet.
It would get stuck and stop and I had to restart some of the uploads. I was reading as I did this.

This morning I got up and focused on work for my business.
Baby steps...
Each step is still progress.
It should not have been tiring but I purchased a professional liability errors and omission policy now that I received pay for the first month of work I did for the first client.
I also renewed my professional org membership that lapsed last month. ( Going to business expense that! FAIR Enough- many employers do pay for it!! My old company paid for me to attend their annual conference last year. That is the thing- they valued me so much and even supported that. The owner who was the same to fire me was so appreachiative UNTIL I started my own company and I swear it was like he flipped a switch.. So weird to me.)

CE la vie..
So I made progress.
I was so tired I then HAD to take a nap before going over to the retirement community to work just a couple hours playing guitar!
They had a health fair for the public and asked me to bring my guitar and just strum and provide some tunes. Knowing full well I am just beginner and not great- they still apprechiated it.
Heck I am cheap.. HA HA Pros cost more and I am decent enough to lead a few fun songs in a sing along.
I was tired and felt full on imposter syndrome as I am not a trained music therapist nor guitaritst good enough to perform for others! FELT so not ready to do this but just got myself to push through the fact I had an out...
I told them I might not be able to make it but would come if I could.
My DC guy friend initially asked if I would be able to help to drive him to a procedure he needed someone to ride him home from. I said yes...but that plan was cancelled. (He did not need my help.)

I was SO TIRED. So I took a nap and then got my butt up and made it there by 2pm for the last couple hrs of the event.

It ended up being fun and I was so glad I went! It pulled me out of exhaustion mode. I came home, walked my dog again ( we had a nice morning walk) and then I mowed my backyard and weeded the garden back there.

And at 5;30 a realtor brought someone to look at the basement for rent. If all goes well we may have a tenant soon which would be a blessing! The realtor also gave a vitual tour to someone in FL who used to live here that wants to move back.

So will see if offers come in soon!

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