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2022-09-15 - 2:27 p.m.

SHIT I really thought my rental would be filled in a week. Every other time I listed it I literally had the listing on the market and found a tenant within DAYS.

When I listed myself I got lots of inquiries. But when listing with a real estate agent there are barriers that weed out the working poor who are paycheck to paycheck.

It feels like it is selfish in a way to list with a realtor. I feel like I bought into the gatekeeping.

But part of the reason for me is that I would not have found the energy to "Get it Done" if I did not oursource and get help for that piece!

AND I DO want a certain economic gatekeeping as unlike in the past when I rented the basement WHILE employed ( YES EVERY TIME I had enough income to pay my bills without rent! UNLIKE NOW- ) I could afford to take a bigger risk on a tenant's financial stability.

Now I am not in the strong position to be able to have a tenant who might have a hard time paying rent.

The great tenant I had for YEARS OFTEN paid late. I did not care one bit as she ALWAYS paid me and was good for it eventually and my mortgage payment was not contingent on her payment coming on time. I never charge dthe late fee that was technically in the contract.

I understood. It was more like for her assessing if she could enroll her kid in track and buy the new sneakers needed and uniform fees and then pay me with the next paycheck kind of juggling on her fixed income budget.
But importantly her job was very stable; consistent and solid.
She has a CAREER and was dedicated to it. She had a family and was dedicated to them. She was solid and stable.

I couldn't get a better tenant than she had been EXCEPT if they pay on time! HA HA

Even now I am SURE I will land work soon enough and that won't be as critical. And I CAN pull from the 401 K.

What bothers me is today I forgot about the stupid 9.99 Netflix charge. I THOUGHT I changed that to go to a credit card. So if it is not paid no big deal it gets nixed..

NO I gues I never did that.

It showed up hitting a bank acct that had a ZERO balance. The one that USED TO NEVER approve a charge if money not there. I DID NOT authroize overdraft protection

The trick was to say NO to that. As what it really meant was that a bill you have no money would be PAID
but then if you dont have money to put in the account then you have to pay the hit of the overcharge fee.
SO I SAID NO when opening that checking account years ago.

They sent some announcement their terms of service changes- as if this was a user friends thing good for the banking consumers.. IT IS BS
It is NOT good.
They anneounced that now you have 24 hrs before they will charge the overdraft fee. 24 hrs to add the money.

WHICH if I never previously authorized them to put through charges to put me in the red somehow I think they had a system set up to notify and somehow the new terms also seem to ahve authorized NOW allowing charges I have no money to cover to go through?

In other words they sent out communication to entice consumers who previously never agreedt o that- to now agree to being charged if they are short and the bank pays a bill.

I thought I read all fine print carefully.

NEED to call the bank as NO I don't want them to do that. Just deny the fucking charge WHATEVER IT IS and don't fucking make money on my poverty just now.

This is notoriously how bankd make money.

Its Bullshit.

And I thought I was amareter-

UNLESS they did not require agreement to change terms and if that is the case this will be hte NEXT LARGE CLASS ACTION With this bank


They have them every few years. I swear it is just worth it to the banks to find another new sneakly way to screw folks out of money .

This is the same bank that years ago would alter the ACTUAL order of deposits and withdrwaals- to account for any withdrawal BEFORE A DIRECT DEPOSIT
and then pull insufficient funds fees.
They had algorithms designed to do that.

ANd they got busted for it.

I am going to call them now.

Cause I am annoyed that tactic still happens.

Just don't pay out a damn ACH charge through if the account doesn't have it. If money not there bounce it back and deny It. I don't mind a fee from the SELLER of a service If I REALLY screwed up like I did by failing to update where the bill should go or stop autopayment. That is on me- but this BS EXTRA Charges on the bank end when don't want to authorize overdaft protection is another thing.

That just pisses me off.

It preys on the poor.

I am ARTIFICALLY poor now cause I do have retirement funds. But I am cash flow poor.

And my retirement funds are lower than recommended for a working person in my age- that is Lower than needed to keep me NOT POOR when I am old.

I would rather leave that money there presuming more resiliant and able to get by with less NOW than when I am old and body not as strong.

Older people need MORE medication for eaxampl often. (Not really true for my kids but surely will be true for me.)

There could be some things that are ESSENTIALS for my care then which I can't nix. So best leave the retirement funds if I can.

OK Enough ranting.
All this over the damn 9.99 Netflix I did not change billing on like I should have done.

Payday is OF COURSE on the 16th this month when that autobill was the 15th!!

AND I REALLY thought more folks would have looked at my place and I REALLY expected a tenant to have been wanting to take it and be moving in this past weekend. Ce la vie..
Surprise suprise.
In any case it is nice to have gotten it all clean and ready. I love when my house is clean and organzied and try to keep it that way! This weekend I will tackle my bedroom again and try to get rid of some of my old clothes. I just have TOO MANY!

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