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2022-09-15 - 4:50 p.m.

I called my oldest to see how feeling as they caught COVID. Thankfully they are feeling OK overall and it is not hitting too hard.
I was literally thinking if they were really sick I would see if could borrow cash from anyone to make the drive if they need some TLC and chicken soup.
They told me they used the last can of canned chicken I had stocked them with ( post graduation, before landing a good job when I visited and brought food provisions to stock their pantry) To make chicken soup and they ordered lots of gatorade and soup/broth and are feeling just still tired but not as bad as first couple of days.Sore throat spread but up which is odd- not thankfully lungs issues or congestion and breathing issues.
Thank God for the vaccination.

I didn't think I would ask my kid for help! But then when talking it occurred to me to ask to spot me the $20 so I have a bit of gas money and cover that dumb Netflix charge. Shame of it is I looked at that bank acct and LAST MONTH was hit with the same thing- and I think somehow didn't notice? OR DID After the fact when too late to mitiage and nothing to be done anyway as the $35 charge already hit??
I am not sure... but know it was not in my mind and completely surprised me yet it sHOULD NOT have as there clear as day when I read the account on the 15th of LAST month the $9.99 cahrge went through and then on the 16th the $35 overdrawn acct fee.

This is the account that USED to not do that! This was a PAY PAL transaction! I think I had my credit card paying for it but that got maxxed so the Netflix fee then via Pay Pal pulls from the bank account.

SO sucks. I am going to change it. It I am NOT employed before NEXT month on the 15th I will just be SURE to cancel netflix so this does not happen again. It is something we can live without.


I had yet another decent interview. I often have decent first and even second round interviews.

Once again... will see.

I also have a mixer to go to of a local business org tonight for business development. One of those things to get dressed up for- business casual. I am going to go with my friend the mayor's style; modus operandi-

It totally is my style... to overdress.
HE ALWAYS Wears a suit jacket and tie.

YES if I were a guy I am old school and would do that as well. Not overdone but dress so no questions one is in work professional mode. I want it to be OBVIOUS that I am there to meet the business association members.

I honestly think better to overdress than underdress.
(To a point. I mean there is such thing as ostentatious/flashy.)

Our mayor is my buddy who at one point I car pooled to work with when we both worked at a telecom. He was so brilliant in how when he ran for mayor he did not let on he had a WHOLE OTHER FULL TIME JOB as a project manager and rocked both jobs for a few years.

He is super smart and capable and the company supported him in taking the mayor job. I honestly think he is ethical and there was literally no conflict of interest either.
It just made more sense to not advertise that reality.

He has been mayor for a few terms now. I bet her will be there supporting local business and perhaps he can introduce me to some potential partners.

The VP of the local bank will ALSO be there. She HAPPENED to be the volunteer who called me to take our family grocery order from the church that runs the local food panty. I told her I am starting by business but just didn't have the clients and my old job unexpectedly let me go. She said stop in to meet her. I have not yet. I will meet her now surely which may be funny!
I would love to exaggerate and write of the social awkwardness of those kinds of things. They are not awkward for me but are for those who see the world through a social stratification, which I find itself worthy of being exaggerated and mocked.

I mean I find such humor in it- when some folks don't realize there is not much making them more secure or different than those who are stuggling.

Honestly. It was really just fear of expecting somehing vastly different between our lives, our family and those who are not wanting to associate with the "OTHER".

That is perhaps the only difference.

In the end we are more the same than different.

Its just some don't quite know that so are so fearful and protective to not have to ever find out.

Time to get dressed and go hob nob and meet the other local businesses. Truth is these are not the market who will hire me for my services. My market is LARGE corporations. I need to hit larger venues to pick up work. BUT it is a start. Maybe someone there is wearing mulitple hats such as the Mayor does (or rather did).

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