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2022-09-19 - 7:14 p.m.

I just scheduled a COVID PCR Test.

I am thinking my rapid test that tested negative maybe was taken too early; or it did not pick up a recent strain OR it really was expired!
It honestly did have an expiration date of late Aug and I used it just about a week AFTER that date.

It tested negative but the more I hear about those who recently contracted COVID, my oldest who just caught it, and my other kid the teacher who caught it about a month ago too-- the more it sounds like that excessive tiredness was not just from me overdoing it.
I mean I thought it was cause I did push hard for days-
however that kind of tired was atypical.

So two weeks later...even though I felt fine after a few days, I figured may as well test as if there were antibodies the PCR test should show it.

I have been asymptmatic a week and a half at least.

Thanks for the msg from friend who said GO GET A COVID test as they too had it-along with family. I just read that msg in notes here! *you know who you are fellow diaryland friend!

I was thinking of going to get the test but then just plain forgot; and part of me thought "does it even matter anymore?"

I think it is good to know. I mean good for the CDC tracking. Good to know...
although its a bit late now.
I do tend to mask when I go anywhere anyway so don't think if I did have it I exposed anyone else!

If I did catch COVID the thing that is ironic is that it would be from the religious right gathering at a quiverfull music festival with the large families and anitmaskers and that I had no idea that was the kind of music festival I was going to! (And it was such a lovely event! I did take off my mask when sitting with my guy friend on our blanket and enjoying his company- it was outdoors and i was six feet from OTHERS and we were eating at some point. I kept the mask off until we got up and put it on when I was volunteering but I did forget at first and walked through the crowd to the volunteer table.)

But yeah- I am not very confident the vaccination rates were high in that crowd! I found it so bizarre some Catholics were anti -vaccine at all. Made no sense to me.. but whatever- so be it some actually were ( and the further south you go, the more likely those numbers of anti vax Christains or Catholics increase).

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