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2022-09-20 - 8:35 a.m.

CRAP I tried to file VEC unemployment claim by phone after the computer system gave that message could not authenticate me based on the computer I am using.

The phone system moved a bit too quickly for me as I was trying to pull info from the emails regarding job hunting.
I mean you have to have the answers READY THE SECOND they ask the question.

I was fumbling trying to find it in my email
for the question
Who did you make contact with in looking for work.

I laughed as one of the recruitment agencies is called

"Persistent Systems"

I swear on that audio recording it likely sounds like I got frustrated and just made that up!! HA HA

I mean it to me sounded like another one of those actual sitcom moments which would be hilarious to capture.
Just the overwhelm of trying to process the question and give the answer before the system says
"I did not get an answer" in the robotic voice
and hangs up.

I got hung up on at the question asking if any income change from retirement fund payments.

That is so poignant. That is the question I got before it was taking me too long to answer.
Cause I did not know!
I had logged into my bank accout to be able to see the one deposit I did have...
I mean the first..
I have pulled twice now,
BUT I don't know the dates or the amt from the first pull ( yeah i just forget),
so I was trying to find them reading the bank record on line and not yet seeing it
AND got bumped.

The automatic system in my view just DISCONNECTS without sufficient time for the answer to be given.

I mean I even had the records in FRONT OF ME and just had to read and find the data point- find the date and deposit and report it
BUT the ONE MINUTE ( I am guessing that is it) That the system gave is too quick for me to process info that quickly..

SURE I likely have a processing disorder and am a bit slower than some

BUT I am quicker than OTHERS in this world!

to have a system design that bumps people and HANGS up on them cause one question not yet answered.

It should freaking move on to the next question and let you finish then have some way to give time to add more info at the end. So then the person can add the answer that they FOUND by then...

OR just plain give more time on that one question and don't move ahead. BUT I HATE systems designed with the constraint of not moving ahead if something blank. I think THAT TOO a shitty design. Move on- get the 90% of info you need then somehow have a design to go back and repeat the missed question.


and on a computer system, for those that did not SEE one question
*yes maybe this is only the ADHD of the world

Hell there is increase in diagnosis- so whether 3% or 10% I suppose matters. Cause if 10% of the population has issues with a system then it is a shitty design.

I suppose if I am just one of the 3% Then the response is- NO its not. Its a system designed that the rest are capable to work with and it works and YOU who can't have to just go do the RE DO like with everything else.

* BUT I Still maintain a decent system design will be designed to work for EVEN for The 3%.... having worked with software developers that is where the costs associated with design are and it doesn't cost them that much MORE at the onset of setting up capabilities and design that is the best product outcome. Its more about who is on the requirements team and who is on the testing team. I ROCKED working in that role and folks NEED people like me in those roles!
Cause if you only have really young super smart designers-
well then your system only works for them and the AVG JOE, or the ADHD person like me is going to find every one of its limitations that your super-fast thinking young folks did not consider.

It costs less to have the best design upfront than it will in resources of customer service LATER ( Even if those later resources are cheaper per hr... etc...)

Funny as I vent about this it makes me think how another large financial systems provider in the mortgage space is a few years- a good half dozen years- behind where the one I worked for is; and NOW they are working on their system upgrade. I have gotten a few calls for the same role I was in. BUT I STILL want to stick to my core work of contracts and use my law degree. That office is a crappy commute; it pays less than my work and while I was good at that part of it - that is a project that would come to an end. Moreso I don't want to be in an office every day and that is collaborative work with a software development and operations team and product designers etc that I think really has to be done in person together.

SIGN So no I did not consider that kind of work again even though I liked it.

AND NOW after this vent I am looking up the facts , the data points needed for the questions-
and writing them in a notebook really clear so I don't have to scan and read the bank acct page or emails
as my brain does not work THAT FAST.

THEN I will call back and try again.... for something like the 5th time?or 6th? To file the claims for past two weeks. (Hell I think it is going to be the 7th attempt. The others were all on the computer over the past two weeks. Today I FINALLY got in to reset my expired password. But then after that worked the same msg popped up that they could not "authenticate" my computer, which makes NO sense as it is the same one I had JUST used to reset the password.

I am at least...

Persistent WITH Systems

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