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2022-09-20 - 9:29 a.m.

After a 16 minute phone call entering all the info for week ending 9/10

during which I DID make one mistake and corrected it.The system reads off all answers and in looking at my calendar I realized I picked up a THU shift mid week I forgot to ledger- so I when I input amt earned for only the WEEKEND work (Sat) initially I later double checked my calendar ( I always check things twice) And THEN realized the error.

so had to listen to the responses to confirm if correct or wrong- then click NO that one was in error
and go through and then CORRECT the one that was wrong.

Once you identify which question is wrong it gives you that question to input and correct. That all works well!

So I did that correction- listening to prompts until I get the whole thing read back to me again
and then I confirm it is CORRECT and get this message:

"We are experiencing technical errors we are trying to correct. We encourage you to file your weekly claim on line at..."


Take eight coming up....
AFTER I get my Covid test done as I have 9:45 drive through appointment.

It feels like a moot point now. I actually, in hindsight ASSUME I caught COVID at what is likely a super spreader event of Catholic antivaxxers!

This is why I typically STILL Mask even when at outdoor events.

I didn't on that occasion when sitting on our blanket. I am thankfully our house all have been vaccinated and I was just holed up in my bedroom for the days after that event. I mean I couldn't move I was so dead tired. I did not cook or interact with the kids here and worked from my bed that Mon and Tue. I DID Work that THU and I recall saying I was glad to have been scheduled as I told the manager that it got my tired butt out of bed and helped me feel so much better.

BUT the funny thing is I had not YET KNOWN it was the quiverfull event and high risk and at the time ASSUMED it was cause I just was pushing self. I should have figured out likely COVID and gotten the PCR test that Wed...
and not relied on the home test I had! I just trusted the test I had.

Will now find out... as If I had caught covid the antibodies should still show up two weeks later. I would not be contagious but should then get a positive test for exposure!

Thankfully I recall that Thursday although I worked I did not interact closely with any residents. I was glad to be up and moving. I do answer phones but I am masked THE WHOLE TIME. I Never take it off and I am rather diligent at disinfecting the whole space. I did disinfect it all like usual. I interact with folk with the desk between us so am distanced. So even if I had just caught it for the role I am in which is thankfully NOT HANDS ON CARE I don't think I would have put anyone at risk. I did not go into ANYONE'S apartment that day. Sometimes I do to help with TVs or bring a delivery. That day I did not thankfully.

SO I think it was minimal risk and I was not putting others at risk thankfully. I am STILL suspicious that being home only a couple days is enough. I still think being home a full 10 days after symptoms is better for us all.

I wish I had gotten the PCR at the Pharmacy and not relied on my home test and then cause felt better not thought about it again til yesterday.

Well- here goes moment of truth! Will report the test result but think I likely have joined the got COVID club.

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