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2022-09-21 - 10:42 p.m.

AH I have tested NEGATIVE for COVID

So after all I guess My rapid test I took was accurate and I had not caught COVID.

Good to know.

Chior practice was cancelled this week as a few folks tested positive for Covid who are in the chior including our Director, who is a music teacher in a school.

Bummer for them all. It is still swirling around so glad I was masked. Alot of folks in Chior don't bother masking anymore but I bet they will go back to that now! (The Director has been consistently wearing a mask still.)

Today we had a beach day and it was fanstastic! My two kids that live with me had been saying NO to take a day trip to the beach and I could not understand why.

Well they finally said YES and today we drove to Colonial Beach.

It was such a lovely, relaxing day. We picked up my friend I used to work some years ago ( three jobs ago).
I had been talking to her on Sunday afternoon and we wanted to get together. I suggested we go mid week to the beach and said I would invite the kids to come. I was just surprised they both said yes!
She made homemade flatbread as she recalled how much my youngest really loved it. It is much like Nahm and can't beat homemade!

I was really apprechiative that when last at my DC lover's place he was cleaning off his bookshelves and had a bag of books he was going to donate which I went through and pulled out a couple I am excited to read. It was such a treat for me to both enjoy a lovely evening with him and then when left Sunday morning I had the gift of a few new books to read. One was by a rather famous author who's memoir was made into a popular movie.

I am not saying who for a reason...
protecting my family privacy..

Now that author has nothing to do with my, family BUT The very first line of the book by the author I opened to relax and read while lying on the beach made refrence to an on line literary magazine which the famous author had written for.

It was so cool as I read this first sentence and recognized the reference to the literary hub on line as one place where my oldest the poet was published within the last year.

It just made me so proud!

To know the reputation and quality of that space. My oldest says they will only submit to highly reputable publications. Some choose to submit to any and all, but my kid chooses to be picky. ( I get it considering the kind of work they write which is not the kind that I think would have as wide and audience -- its too cerebral for many to be honest! But it definately will be really loved in some literary magazine spaces.

I think of the Tshirt I have from The Gettysburg Review which quoted what I take as a tounge in cheek style review-
" The Gettysburg Review takes intellectual elitism to dizzying new heights."
or something very similar-
which is both a compliment and criticism at the same time. I mean the comment itself is brilliant and funny and also true.

That is just like my oldest's writing- brilliant and funny and true and also cerebral and thoughtful and complex such that few will understand it but that is quite OK. Then there will be the many who pretend to get it but really have not idea what the writers intent or meaning or thoughts are trying to be conveyed. That is OK too as long as somehow they enjoy the mystique of her work; the not understood and curious.

I think curious and whimsical are two features of their work hidden in this intellectual inquiry style. ( Remember this use of new pronoun- for a couple of my kids now the non gendered they. I sometimes forget too...but when don't think helps to explain again to folks!)
In any case I was really proud of the company of the journal she is in!

Good night now after such a relaxed day! I swam and played guitar and read and chilled at the beach with both my kids and my friend and we all enjoyed it.

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