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2022-09-22 - 7:26 p.m.

I sat down to write in a paper journal, but grabbed one that is full! So here I am as I was going to write while laying in bed before reading and then going to sleep early.
I have journals kinda all over the place. I mean I don't just have one I write in until it is full and then pick up a new one; NO, I misplace them so I start a new one then have no idea where that is so grab some other book to write in. Its like there is such redundancy I can find a journal now in virtually every main room of my home.

Unfortunately the one in reach in the bedroom is full!
There are other notebooks here but the laptop was closer.

I am so pleased with how well the robo vacume works! I know it doesn't deep clean like the Dyson did; but nonetheless I am happy to have it up here in my bedroom moving all around vacuming up as I lay here and type.

I have this habit that whenever I travel I want my house cleaned BEFORE I leave so when returning home it is easier to unpack and take care of laundry than if there is already a mess awaiting clean up at home.

So I awoke yesterday early to get the car packed for our beach day and had the compulsion to straighten my bedroom. It was so good to have the burst of energy and motivation to get it done! Well not all done, but at least the floor picked up so I could run that robovacume.

I ran it last night as I slept. I am running it again as the battery died at some point and I think there is more to be picked up. I think it missed some areas.

But it did pick up a TON of hair! It was strangely gratifying to have to grab scissors and cut the hair balls tangled around the circulating brushes that picked the strands up. I just moved a shelf that is in my bathroom and the trashcan and hamper out from the corners and let the robot loose in there to pick up dust under that stuff in areas not reached in some time. Its been a few months since I took a rag to those spaces ( which I do periodically. This is easier actually!)

It was so great to get my room picked up! It gets overwealmingly cluttered and messy far too quickly unfortunately! I have a pile of clothes to put away on the davenport ( old antiqe which I like in this space). I think I like it because it reminds me of the piece of furniture we had in my Buffalo apt years ago. That was really a nice piece and this is similar enough in style. I remember taking ammonia and cleaning that couch to remove the layer of dirt that had accumulated. That worked perfectly on the yellow paint of that piece of furniture. It was painted yellow and had plush forest green velvet upholstry. It was really beautiful and once cleaned up so cheerful and bright.

My roommate later bought a historic home and either the landlord gave him that piece or he bought it off her to move into his new home.

I just started to doze...

off to bed nice and early. I am going to read a bit more ( maybe! Unless I fall asleep!)

I work at 7am again tomorrow.

Oh Dang.... not to bed yet. I first have to log into VEC and read what letter is there for me. I did get some email there was a message! I hope the deputy reviewed and determined I AM eligible for unemployement payments!

And check my job hunt. I might submit an applicaiton if I have to ( I think I did this enough Mon or Tue?? I forget and will check! If not will look for a good job to apply to!)

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