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2022-09-23 - 3:43 p.m.

I was napping after work as tired after the 8 to 2 shift and recruiters are now calling. I swear HR folks mush send out more job postings on Thu and Fri as those are the busy times for the surge of recruiter calls for new postings.

I need to rest now.

The job postings will be there Mon and as I learned this week better to wait than agree to right yo represent to the early bird.

Heck I figured in past let the ambitious who fins me first get the reward if they land me a position

But...I am better off applying direct when can and avoiding the middleman headhunter
And if going to use a headhunter best use the one most transparent and not greedy!

Some want more of a mark up....

After being awoken I scrolled Instagram and saw a suggestion of someone I might know

I found her beautiful blog.

Just a lovely person. She volunteers at a coffee shop run by a church which is designed to give opportunities to work to disabled individuals.

I stopped in intentionally abd just enjoyed a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie read a novel for a hour or so as my own as my own little birthday celebration.

Not much but enough for me! The Artist Date as Julia Cameron advises one should do once a week: carve out date with self gor your own nurturing.

It was nice. The place runs on donations. My phone is still ringing. First cell then land line ... I think I get about 5 calls typically from different recruiters each time there is a new job posting for a contract manager role in this region.

I already applied for plenty of decent jobs this week. Tired now ..going to rest more then tackle that VEC site again. I got another job application in last night and was up too late because of it. Then tried to do the VEC claim filing for last week and bumped again. Was bummed as was losing sleep to try!! So now to nap more if the recruiters will let me. 😴

They must have quotas to hit by Fri... lol

I hope the flurry of calls is over. I let this round go to voice-mail.

But first...I came here to share the lovely blog of the nice lady I met who had been a kind soul I encountered I. The community years ago. She has a beautiful blog. It is lovely.
I can attest this lady is a Christian who walks the walk rather than just talking the talk. She is genuinely loving to all. She was one of the few moms I honestly did not feel judged and shunned by. I mean in the weird small town atmosphere when I was divorcing my husband after police had been called for domestic violence etc....It was really isolating. To leave an abuser is often even more alienating than staying with an abuser who intentionally alienates. The abuser alienates as a means to control; whereas communities also then alientate to control who is allowed within thrir community. The PTA moms want control of what influences their family and kids and there is this social stratification that happens to push out " the other" who are not good enough because their difference is seen fearfully as some threat.
I had a typo " other social aliens" = fear. But that typo is accurate...

So leaving it here....

As yes those who seem alien engender fear

So there is social isolation of the unknown different and they are alienated.

This lady honestly was one if the few who was genuinely friendly and greeted me with compassion and care. She took interest in my kids well being when I met her. I still recall meeting her 29 plus years ago and was glad to run into her in the coffee shop and glad to read her blog.

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