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2022-09-23 - 7:57 p.m.

Are you fucking kidding me??

I logged back into the VEC unemployment site after an email that there is a information change for me.

I expected it to be some review of the appeal I filed asking to review the determination letter that said ineligible.

The system sent two letters dated Aug 9 ( I think? or 8th?) The same date- one saying eligible and one saying ineligible.

Maddening. Like my old boss who would give me two different directives in this fucked up controlling manner so that no matter what I did I had defied her instruction and then she could document my non compliance.
She was so fucking messed up and a psycho.

I swear this VEC system feels as abusive when I get back in after being bumped and
1. I DID make it all the way through to file a claim just recently right; I documented it HERE that I filed the claim for week ending 9.10

I was perplexed when logged in last night to see the field to file claim for 9.10 showed up again. That should NOT show up if they system accepted the last filed claim ( alreayd done for that date) Yet there it was. so the last claim disappeared * Poof * NOT there at all.

and then
2. I read the correspondence:

Information Change Notice
The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) is sending you this notice for
the protection of your information. Our records indicate that a change to
your account information was made. If this information was not modified by
you, or at your request, call the VEC at 1-866-832-2363.
The following information was modified:

You have got to be fucking kidding me. That was the correspondence? NOT a review by the deputy?


This is unreal. I mean they say they have 21 days to process claims and pay the unemployment.

Way past that.

The thing is once pull from the 401 K I am not eligible for that week. That is considered income. Even though not eligible for that week I would still be eligible for the other weeks in the period eligible

BUT it so sucks as I should have been getting unemployment payment. If I got them then I don't have to deplete my retirement fund which I already depleted once for the lawyers fees and have built back up.

Its not where it SHOULD be for someone my age. But it is not bad.

But the market is down and now is an awful time to be pulling money out of a fund that has been losing value steadily for the past year.

That letter though. Crazy! I get it - if I did not change the password they would want me to know. But it is still ridiculous. Feels like being messed with! !


back to completing the claim if I was not bumped from inactivity from needing to vent. If bumped reading my book and then bed and will deal with that tomorrow.

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