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2022-09-23 - 9:18 p.m.

So I finally made it through the VEC site to file the claim for week ending 9/17.

That is a record as it only took ONE attempt to file that weeks claim. It took so long to get to it after the eight attempts (I think? Maybe nine? I lost count)
to file the claim for week ending 9/10.

What a pain.

Your weekly claim has been filed and the confirmation number provided is for tracking purposes. You may want to print or copy this page in order to have the contact information handy.

Confirmation Number: X7134XX*

There was only two digits between the confirmation number for the last filed claim and this one.
That means in the time I filed one other person also filed a weekly claim!

Random assumption ( which knowing how systems work is likely correct)

I wonder if last time I failed to hit the final submit button that is all the way at the bottom of the page after you confirm all the responses are correct.

I HATE that feature.

When done and all other fields completed DO NOT just delete the whole damn thing if someone does not click the acutal redundant quesiton

Did you answer all these questions correctly? Please review

I mean review is great
but for the ADHD person they may think they are done and that is optional.

I swear that is how the ADHD quick thinking brain works at times. Sometimes it moves fast and thinks things extraneous...
when ...well

they are extra..

like repeat questions.

Answered already... so we move quickly through them.

In other words it was likely user error on the last go round when my response was not saved.
CE la vie...

Finally done.

And you know what?

I AM NOT EVEN IN A FULL TIME JOB and after my nap I STILL ended up working late on a Friday night to catch up on my work for this week!!

Albeit the unemployment paperwork... it is still work.. I mean feels like it.

Which is why I so enjoyed the break at work today of watching the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry does the stand up routine of his unemployed friend working super hard to maintain unemployment.

"He is working so hard they should give him a raise!"


The episode was funny of George trying to game the system. Crap the humor of it is that it is as much work to maintain unemployment as it would be to job hunt.

Its funny but true! So even funnier when taken to the extreme.... and I am positive there aRE people who game the system who use as much energy as if they just took a damn job.

But damn I am tired. Tired cause yes I am working, and yes I am job hunting and YES I am navigating this system that itself feels like a part time job.

That really is ridiculous. Just give people their damn unemployment, Making the system simple is not going to suddenly create an influx of folks who don't want to work.

Really - Either people have a work ethic, and well...ethics...
OR they don't.

A well designed system is not going to CREATE folks adverse to working.

It is just going to make it user friendly for the rest of us and give the rest of us MORE TIME freed up to job hunt and perhaps land jobs sooner.

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