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2022-09-23 - 8:23 p.m.

OOPS in the VEC site. Want to get it done ( again)

and this time I read the small print:

You must submit a copy of your Pension, annuity, 401K or other payment award letter within 10 days by fax to 804-343-1459 or by mail to Virginia Employment Commission, P.O. Box 1779, Richmond, Virginia 23218-1779. Clearly write your name and social security number on each page of the documents you are sending. Failure to provide this documentation within 10 days may result in delay or denial of benefits.

Receipt of a pension/annuity/401K may result in a reduction or denial of Unemployment Benefits.

I pulled 108.00 from my Ira Sept 6th so my mortgage payment would go through.

I need to send that documentation! As well as documentation from pulling money out this week to pay the mortgage again by the 1rst if possible.

I am glad I pulled the cash out now as I also have to bring my car in for inspection and I am sure some required tweaking/repair- at least a full oil change. I have been topping it off. The mechanic may see other things that might help performance and increase liklihood of the car passing the emissions inspection.

I do have really good reasonably priced local mechanic.

But there is no way around having to put at least a little bit of money into my car. I have an appointment to bring my car in on Monday. I will bring my bike with me and bike to work after I drop it off and hope it is good news! I picked up a shift for Mon. So I am basically working these five days in a row which is great.
I only get paid $15.63 per hr but it is something!

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